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Sovfraht has floated on a corridor

the Russian transport company of Open Society Sovfraht and Iranian Hazar Shipping Company on Friday have signed the report on cooperation on the organisation of transportations within the limits of a transport corridor the North - the South. The agreement will allow to increase the goods traffics which are passing on a corridor the North - the South, several times, therefore Sovfraht potential competitors are ready to support even.

the Iranian state company Hazar Shipping Company (HSK) has six courts on Caspian sea, transports to ports of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, owns own park of containers and moorings in ports of India and Iran.

According to the contract signed HSK and Sovfrahtom in the near future the joint forwarding company for transportations on a new navigable line Astrakhan - Makhachkala - ports of Iran will be created. Partners promise to open a line on Caspian sea in 2002, the parties will put on it on two vessels. The general director of Open Society Sovfraht Dmitry Purim has informed that for this purpose its company rents vessels at the Moscow river shipping company. The line will bring to a transport corridor the North - the South (ports of India and Iran - Caspian sea - Europe) an additional goods traffic at the rate about 2 million tons - container cargoes, metal and petrochemistry products.
the deputy minister of transport Evgenie Kazantsev has noticed that in the signed report other arrangements, for example intention of the parties to develop through rates for all forwarding agents working within the limits of a corridor the North - the South have paramount value also. Representatives of Russia, India and Iran have signed the frame contract on creation of a corridor on September, 12th, 2000. But the essential increase in a goods traffic for a year has not occurred. Term of delivery of cargoes from Asia to Europe on a corridor on 5 - is less 10 days, than through Suez, but transportation cost is almost identical - about $1500. Even consignors in Iran and India prefer a traditional way round Europe.
by words zamgendirektora Joint-Stock Company the Caspian container (the direct competitor Sovfrahta ) Michael Gorshkova, till now the Iranian companies dictated high tariffs for Caspian sea - transportation cost there should not exceed $200, and now it reaches $400. If participants of the agreement develop lower through rate for transportations on all route to India, the Caspian container it is ready to carry the cargoes with HSK and Sovfrahtom . the Iranian companies, including HSK, - our main competitors on Caspian sea, and it is better to co-operate with them. Then the corridor the North - the South will be out of competition and on delivery terms, and at transportation cost - mister Gorshkov has added.