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The portrait has not seemed

the Portrait of Doriana Heating have exposed on Small Bronnoj

In Day of knowledge and the City Day the first premiere of a new Moscow theatrical season has been shown. Andrey Zhitinkin debuted as the main director of Theatre on Small Bronnoj. the Portrait of Doriana Heating under Oscar Uajlda`s novel should become the first sketch of the future portrait of the theatre which has missed stable success.

a portrait ruthlessly registering each offence by Doriana Heating, public will not see. It and remains turned to a hall a wrong side, and about amazing metamorphoses of the image spectators learn from words of the original not changing in the course of time. But beauty of Doriana the director hurries up to show straight away. Hardly having flown in the house of artist Bezila Holluorda (Ivan Shabaltas), the hero rushes upward, in a bedroom and undresses to cowards: Throws off black leather trousers and leather kurtochku with coquettish cut on a shoulder - and it is obvious not from aspiration more likely to start to pose, and absolutely from others vozbuzhdeny. Perhaps this Dorian and from a decent family, but most likely - from the decent panel. So history of acquaintance of lord Henry (Oleg Vavilov) with Dorianom Is heated (Daniel Strahov) in Andrey Zhitinkina`s performance reduced to a simple everyday case: one old pederast has withdrawn at other same cute lover.
generally speaking whom to put about it as not Oscar Uajlda. However, in the primary source of anything such outright it is not named, but who begins to argue that gomoerotichesky the spirit soars over the Portrait hardly probable more poorly, than over other uajldovskimi texts. So to subtract a theme from lines about jealous man`s druzhbah characters the director inclined to shocking had a just cause. Yes here an ill luck: further the loud demand business is not has gone. Certainly, Zhitinkin not Viktyuk. He well knows that about it it is better to keep back, than to go too far that the most obvious hint cannot be transformed into the motto because too many will start to screw up the face. ZHitinkin operates with swoop, will dumbfound something, and then for a long time will leave alone. After the first scene the Portrait it leaves the spectator at rest actually till the end of performance.
the dressing gown of Doriana, black, streaming, to toe, with green fur otorochkoj, put on by the hero why - that over white satiny nabedrennoj bed-sheets Is remembered still. Languidly having collapsed in this dress on black linen, the hero informs on the intention to marry. In general, in performance of Zhitinkina it is remembered by the sluggard. Uajld has used up many pages how greedy Dorian Heat joined art as read hard drinkings as was fond of music and collected embroideries. Actually, an essence of this symbolical literary biography - satiation not only unpunished defect, but also riches of world culture indifferent to the person. No traces dorianovskih in performance are present researches. And Daniel Strahova`s character - simply inutile idler, and anything except.
In one of interview the director has promised that the young actor will wake up after a premiere the well-known. Perhaps, but only not this premiere. In the first action it basically shows the invoice. In the second the despair, but it only a bad hysterics tries to play. Where to it to uajldovskogo the person with the profaned imagination and revolting soul . Failure can be written off on complexity of a problem: try play the whole biography if appearance is an invariable mask, and notorious a portrait it is necessary to write other means. But on it there is a director. And Zhitinkin this time was too lazy (or has not had time) to think up something expressive, except sound registration. It is necessary to clean mentally from performance Andrey Sharova`s glamour suits and deafeningly annoying soundtrack, as from new the Portrait of Doriana Heating almost remains nothing. Except rather approximate (and places so simply bad) actor`s game and superficial jog on dialogues.
but also here - a misfire. Any more one director has broken a head on Uajlde: at reading it seems that remarks - paradoxes of the writer samoigralny. Anything similar. Here and in the Portrait the majority of them yet does not work. But Zhitinkin not from those directors, as after a premiere fight with actors over each line. It of that systematically drive in a wedge between criticism and public: the first sighs and sneers, and the second know to itself snatches away tickets. What during this moment appears on the portrait of theatre hidden behind a curtain while it is conducted to nobody.
the Following performance on September, 13th.