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Five years without karbovantsev

Ukraine has met anniversary new 200 - grivennoj a denomination

Five years ago Ukraine has entered into the reference own currency - grivna. Anniversary has noted National bank the message on the beginning of circulation of a new denomination advantage of 200 grivnas on which writer Lesja the Ukrainian is represented. It has appeared, however, that have printed a denomination in 1994.

by 1996 pockets of the Ukrainian citizens have been filled by millions karbovantsev - pieces of paper which nobody dared to name money. In the end of summer the head of National bank of that time Vadim Getman (Vadim Getman) - is killed by unknown persons at an entrance of the house in April, 1998 - has informed on replacement karbovantsev for grivnas. In Ukraine for a long time already to it were ready. All knew that denominations are printed in France and that on them visible statesmen of Ukraine of last centuries are represented. The tchervonets, for example, decorates Ivan Mazepa`s portrait.
Behind denominations with Mazepa, Ivan Franko, Michael Grushevsky and other outstanding figures it was not obligatory to go to banks. From September, 1 till September, 7th, 1996 it was possible to come into any shop, to pay purchase karbovantsami and to be paid back in kind grivnas. Special difficulties with an exchange was not. Money of hundreds thousand and millions has quickly weaned and count. The exchange of money reminded denomination: 100 thousand karbovantsev is 10 grivnas. Even it was pleasant to citizens that all goods as though have fallen in price: cigarettes cost 40 thousand, and then 40 copecks suddenly began to cost.
prior to the beginning of currency reform the course karbovantsa in relation to the American dollar made 18 thousand karbovantsev for $1. All expected that grivna introduction as - that will affect either a course, or on currency presence in exchange offices. But the hryvnia exchange rate to dollar remained same - 1,8 grivnas for $1, and problems with currency purchase were not any. Grivnas though have lain on the Mint without small two years, looked attractively - relief and crackling.
one week ago the present head of Natsbank Vladimir Stelmah (Vladimir Stelmakh), without mentioning the grivna fifth anniversary, has informed that into the reference it will be entered 200 - grivennaja a denomination with the image of Lesi of the Ukrainian, the Ukrainian writer of the end XIX - the XX-th century beginnings. This denomination has been printed then, when also the first denominations by advantage 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 grivnas: Vadim Getmana`s signature testifies to it on its face sheet.
in due time in Natsbank plans was to print 500 - and 1000 - grivennye banknotes. However they while are not present. However, with the advent of a new banknote in Ukraine have already started talking that 1996 comes back: now enter 200 grivnas, and further again will appear 500, 1000, 10 000 and 1 000 000.