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The Konstantinovsky Palace restore with dogs

Yesterday operating affairs of the president Vladimir Kozhin for the first time has shown to the Petersburg journalists that occurs in the Konstantinovsky Palace. In the future state residence (more known as sea president residence), enclosed from different directions kontrolno - check points, welfare fund council " sat; In support of restoration istoriko - cultural ensemble ` the Konstantinovsky Palace ` in Strelne .

Display of the Konstantinovsky Palace to journalists has been organised a press - service of the representative of the president in Severo - the Western federal district. After the arrival it was into place found out that without plenipotentiary representation assistance to get on territory of the future state residence it is really impossible: from different directions the palace is surrounded kontrolno - check points. On some of them located directly at ladders, conducting in a palace, security guards were on duty together with the Rottweilers spitefully barking at everything that moves.
C that time as Administrative Department of the President more half a year undertook palace reconstruction back, its semidisorganized condition especially has not changed. That, however, has not prevented mister Kozhin to spend in the centre of grand-ducal ruins - in the Marble hall of a palace - the expanded session of council of welfare fund. The fund has appeared in March of this year for fund raising on restoration of summer residence of the Russian emperors. Fund council included actually all first persons of the Petersburg political and cultural elite: Art directors of the Big drama theatre and Mariinsky theatre Cyril Lavrov and Valery Gergiev, the minister of culture Michael Shvydkoj, the governor of Petersburg Vladimir Jakovlev, the plenipotentiary of the president Victor Cherkesov, the Nobel winner Jores Alfyorov, the rector of St.Petersburg State University Lyudmila Verbitsky, directors of the Hermitage and Russian museum Michael Piotrovsky and Vladimir Gusev, the director of the state memorial estate Peterhof Vadim Znamenov.
However from this big list at yesterday`s session were present not all. There have with its full complement arrived directors of museums. The culture ministry Natalia Dementyev represented the first deputy minister, the Petersburg authorities - responsible for city property vitse - governor Valery Nazarov, from plenipotentiary representation there was a head of executive management of service of residence of mister Cherkesova Ivan Maljushin. But all management participated in session upravdelami the president: Vladimir Kozhin was accompanied by three its assistants Anatoly Chaus, Victor Savchenko and Boris Jurlov.
Journalists on session have not started up, having arranged with it instead walk round a palace. Day was solar, but except group of journalists and security guards with a dog in park there was no live soul - contrary to statements of representatives upravdelami that the Strelninsky park remains accessible to simple visitors. What for such security measures are necessary, and remains to unknown persons: any serious works in palace territory it is not conducted. Only workers who as the employee of a palace accompanying journalists has explained, were engaged in a spadework occasionally came across. In conversation with the correspondent one of them has told that works more recently: Money yet did not receive, but promised the decent salary, it is not less 6 thousand roubles .
After excursion a press have invited to a briefing in the Marble hall decorated with the huge poster with names of the organisations which already have made a charitable payment for a total sum of 26 million roubles. Everything, according to mister Kozhin, on restoration only a palace and territory adjoining to it (without considering park the area almost 100 hectares) $150 million This money upravdelami the president is required intends to extract three ways: through welfare fund, investment investments of the general contractor on returnable conditions and the state budget. And proportions of financing mister Kozhin did not begin to open an order, but has explained that now, at the height of work on the budget - 2002, upravdelami has prepared the address program: We asked so much, how many it is necessary on the first stage. But I think that our appetites will be cut seriously down .
How many will enclose genpodrjadchik, mister Kozhin too has not informed. The matter is that competition results by definition of the general builder of the Konstantinovsky Palace will be brought only by September, 10th. As soon as it will occur, in a palace, according to operating affairs, full-scale works will begin.