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England has destroyed by bombing Germany

German national team on football has tested, perhaps, biggest humiliation in the history. In a Saturday elimination match of the World championship against Englishmen Germans acting on the home field have been simply crushed, having answered five goals of English national team only to one. The exit of Germany in a final part of the World championship has appeared under the big question.

the majority predmatchevyh forecasts was reduced to that German national team though, probably, and hardly, but will win then to Germans the first place in group will be almost guaranteed. Thus the opinion of a small handful of experts that Englishmen in their present condition to stop difficultly, in calculation was not accepted.
but in England there is command Liverpool for which acts including Michael Owen (Michael Owen). Henceforth at word Liverpool Germans should shudder. Recently English club has easily beaten the leader of German football Munich Bayern in a match for the Supercup of Europe. Now English national team precisely in the same manner as liverpultsy, has not left a stone on a stone from Germans. And it, a manner that is, does not represent anything especial: simply rigid game in defence and infinite zabrosy a ball for a back to German defenders counting on speed and Owen`s pressure. In general, simple football has allowed 21 - to the summer forward to amaze gate of Olivera of Caen (Oliver Kahn) three times. On time have caused a stir Stephen Dzherrard (Steven Gerrard) and Emil Heski (Emile Heskey) - also players Liverpool.
German national team it was simply a pity. Was especially sick to look at their trainer Rudi Fellera (Rudi Voeller). In its stay by the player Germans of such humiliation did not test. It is possible to find, of course, a historical example - a debut match of German national team in 1908 when she with the same account has lost England, but that was absolutely other football. Feller for certain was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but vydjuzhil. And here the father of the head coach has got into hospital with heart attack. Kurt Feller felt badly in a match break at the account 2:1. Probably, fortunately for itself(himself), he has not seen, how Englishmen hammer in three more balls.
in the meantime England exulted. Fans of Englishmen, walking about across Munich, loudly sang songs from a film The Dambusters which plot is devoted bombardments of Germany by the British aircraft during the Second World War. In the England after a match the present celebrating has begun. All pubs were, certainly, are hammered, and as their owners testify, for one evening they have made a week gain. That is surprising, serious disorders has not been fixed.
now English national team if all does not spoil, should win first place in the group. Commands needed to spend on two matches and in case both Englishmen and Germans the meetings will win, the first all the same will have an advantage on a difference of the hammered and passed balls. Then German national team, apparently, should play butt matches and most likely against Ukrainians. Valery Lobanovsky`s command on Saturday has on a visit won the major match against Byelorussians with the account 2:0. Both balls on Andrey Shevchenko`s account. In same, the fifth, group the first participant of the World championship from Europe was defined also. It is a command of Poland which even is theoretically inaccessible now to the persecutors.
it is necessary to tell and about a match of contenders of Russian national team on the first selection group, commands of Switzerland and Yugoslavia. For us the neutral outcome of this meeting would be more preferable, but also the victory of Yugoslavs will descend. A chain of reasoning here the such: now Yugoslavs have chances not only of the second, but even on the first place in group. It means that on September, 5th against Slovenia they will play the following match only on a victory. And let will win. It they will actually remove from a distance of Slovenes that to us on a hand. Simply because the variant at which Russian national team will type equal quantity of points with someone from these commands, is not excluded not so. And it is better, if it there will be Yugoslavs - then Russians all the same will have over them an advantage on personal meetings.