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Liver the thief in the law the expensive costs

Zavodoukovsky court of Tyumen the sentence has pronounced to two doctors and the chief of a colony thanks to whom left on freedom known the thief in the law Robinzon Arabuli. To doctors - that declared the legalist hopelessly sick, and to the chief of a colony - that he it has believed. Healthy Arabuli have returned in a colony to stay term.

49 - the summer Robinzon Arabuli which are considered as one of the most authoritative Caucasian thieves, villages once again in the beginning of 2000. And on atypical for people of its position to article - extortion (earlier it was involved time and again for drugs). In Tver Arabuli and its accomplices have driven on the businessman, having demanded, that that has renewed the cottage on one of improvised the legalist . The businessman has addressed in militia, threats of gangsters have written down on an audiofilm, and soon all gang have arrested.
In February of the same year the Moscow regional court of Tver has pronounced a sentence to extortioners. Robinzon has received most less - four years and has been sent on a high security in the Tyumen colony #1. However there the thief in the law was late all for three months.
criminal authority having got on reception to the chief of a medical medical unit of a colony Alexander Pasechniku, has told to it that is the invalid of the second group and, probably, long here will not stretch - the right side, yes so constantly is ill that is, cannot sleep, not to mention work.
having examined the thief in a colony, doctors, having referred to absence of the necessary equipment, could not make it the diagnosis. And, under instructions of the chief of a colony, have sent the invalid on inspection in the Tyumen regional hospital. There surgeon Ivan Balahashvili was engaged in it. Probably, Arabuli has found the approach to the fellow countryman who has soon made it the terrible diagnosis: Liver cancer in last stage at which to the patient it is necessary to live no more month.
on the basis of this conclusion the court conditionally - has ahead of schedule released Arabuli, and that has disappeared at once from the Tyumen region.
however after a while employees Tyumen UFSB from the sources in the criminal environment have received the information that the legalist it was released thanks to the certain sum of currency which was collected by its friends. Checking the information, counterspies have lifted the case record of the thief and have addressed with it to experts. Those have found out that the liver of Arabuli is really damaged by excessive alcohol intake and drugs, but the malignant tumour on it is not present.
Robinzona Arabuli have put on the wanted list and in the end of January of this year have detained in Moscow, whence it was going to go abroad. Under guards took also all those who has taken part in its early release. To prove that the chief of a colony and two doctors have let out the legalist For money, and it was not possible to a consequence. Therefore them have accused of abusing office position.
on court Ivanov, the Bee-keeper and Balahashvili shifted fault against each other. Ivanov said that in the petition for clearing of the thief leant against opinion of doctors. Those in turn pressed that simply were mistaken in the diagnosis. The court did not begin to punish strictly liberators of the thief. Ivanov (10 thousand roubles), to the Bee-keeper of a distance two years conditionally, and Balahashvili zachli have fined for 100 minimum salaries the term already spent by it in a pre-trial detention centre during the investigation.
Robinzonu Arabuli to add term for runaway did not become, because it left a colony on a judgement. To sit to it remains very little - two and a half a year. Besides the legalist continues to complain of health - the vacation given to it by doctors and court, have not done good.