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Foreigners are afraid of information section

instead of production section

Michael Kasyanov has signed the decision, on which state companies Zarubezhneft and Rosneft are appointed the authorised organisations on preparation and realisation of agreements on production section (SRP). Two companies, and not just " become state representatives; Rosneft : it is made, that the government did not accuse of monopolism encouragement. However, now investors are afraid that state companies can receive the classified information on the competitors.

the authorised organisation is the company which participates in the agreement on production section (SRP) on behalf of the state, in particular, realises a share of oil due to the state or gas. At first Ministry of economic development and trade has suggested to make such organisation the state oil company Rosneft . Foreign investors have given a hostile reception to this idea, as Rosneft Itself in some cases is the private investor in projects SRP. To it not to avoid the conflict of interests, they spoke, after all it will be both to extract oil, and a state policy to spend, in particular, to sell the oil which is due to the state. As a result the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Herman Gref had to find the compromise: he has offered, that the authorised organisations of a steel two companies. There, where one will act as the investor, another will spend a state policy. And here prime minister Michael Kasyanov has signed the decision according to which state representatives on SRP appoint the companies Rosneft and Zarubezhneft .
According to the document, Rosneft and Zarubezhneft with a view of prevention of the conflict of interests cannot participate in preparation, the conclusion and realisation SRP in which they speak on behalf the name as investors. However, having familiarised with the decision, foreign investors all the same have not calmed down. Representatives almost all foreign oil companies working in the Russian market, have expressed fears that to a state company, especially Rosneft conducting rather active enterprise activity, can use the, so to say, office position. Investors will be obliged to give them the full information on the financial condition, projects and etc. And the same Rosneft subsequently can use this information in competitive struggle against them.
For example, the project on SRP Sakhalin - 2 is the competitor of the project Sakhalin - 1 at least because both projects are focused on one export market - to Japan. In the project Sakhalin - 1 Rosneft is the investor. And if Rosneft will enter in Sakhalin - 2 as the state representative, it will get access to the financial information of the competitor in Sakhalin - 1 Transnational corporation Shell.
However, still it is not known, whether the new decision will be extended to operating projects on SRP. But on the future projects it will be exact. Moreover, Rosneft it will appear the key participant of preparation of these projects because she will prepare tenders on production section. And then Rosneft all learns about the companies, in these tenders participating. These are fears of foreigners.
we executors also carry out the state commission, and no commercial benefit for us here is present, - so the press - services ` Rosneft ` Alexander Stepanenko has reacted to these fears in conversation with the head. - Basically from the companies it is not required to give any confidential information on the tender for deposit SRP. And as to a financial condition unless to the companies is what to hide? however, finally all will depend on what will be the contract of the state with Rosneft and Zarubezhneftju (it Ministry for the Power Generating Industry and MAPom) is entrusted to develop Ministry of economic development and trade together with Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. In this contract the rights of the authorised organisation on access to the information on investors will be fixed.