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The mayor has simply gone to school

together with usual schoolboys

this year on September, 1st two holidays - the City Day and Day of knowledge have successfully coincided. This day in Moscow 12 new schools have opened. One of them - new specialised school #1901 to the address: street of Academician Anokhin, 48. Such gift to schoolboys was made by Day of knowledge by military builders. At opening of this school calculated on 866 pupils, the Moscow mayor has visited.

on a small platform about school long before arrival of the mayor schoolboys who irrespective of age went for the first time to new school were built. Dressed not on weather children shifted from one foot to the other and waited, when them will let in a warm building. Teachers fussy ran round pupils, correcting for them bows and hairdresses, and did not admit to them parents. well you have dressed a jacket? Hot! - one of teachers was indignant, pulling together a jacket from the shivering first-grader. On its reddened person and the speeded up breath it was visible that to it it is valid hot. However, so all teachers fussy doing last preparations for a meeting of the capital town governor looked almost.
schoolboys tried to amuse kostjumirovannye leshie, animals, clowns and harlequins. However completely cold kiddies very inertly reacted to stickings rjazhenyh while their parents, having hung on a school fence, zealously tried to photograph the child.
and here the culmination moment has come - there has arrived Yury Luzhkov. In one suit. Parents and teachers showed acrobatics miracles, extending necks that though an eye edge to look at the live mayor.
have risen in applause mister Luzhkov. The mayor was laconic. hello, children! - he very vigorously welcomed schoolboys. In the answer has sounded silent hello the frozen children. Slabenko sound. Give once again - the mayor was not appeased. Then Yury Luzhkov has told that at new school children will profoundly study English, mathematics and computer science and the main thing not that at school a new building, and spirit which will be created in it by teachers and children . At last the mayor has given a parting word to children: you everywhere should be the best, receive only the five. And that at this school there was no two! in gratitude children have read to the mayor verses, and at school - a new building the first call has sounded.
under song sounds Moscow, gold domes... have passed to an official part - to ribbon cutting. And though the tape was pink and short (it it was necessary dovjazyvat threads to a handrail), it nobody has noticed. Then the mayor has gone to examine school and first of all with the retinue and journalists has visited a dining room. Having been frightened of the crowd, one of women has cried: do not break a door! on what mister Luzhkov, having caused general laughter, has answered: And that, they old . Then the mayor has visited a tooth office, a first-aid post, the computerised fine art studio, a musical class, sports and assembly halls.
in the meantime children at last - that have started up in a building, and the first lesson devoted to the City Day has begun. Then there was the second - in honour of 60 - letija battles of Moscow. The late senior pupils not so - that the new school interested, and with a kind of tired hopelessness they loafed on corridors, trying to find the class.
the school very much was pleasant to mayor Luzhkov also it has pulled on memoirs: perfectly equipped school, in others I did not see anything similar. Here it is a lot of pictures and consequently there is no sensation of an office building. When I in 1943 have gone to the first class, at us at all did not heat . Then there was other time, and it is good that our children go to school with other mood - Yury Mihajlovich has with relief sighed.
In spite of the fact that in the City Day at the mayor the intense schedule, mister Luzhkov does not despond: the Mood working, to us is difficult, at us tear, and some sopelki nobody will wipe .

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