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Alcoholics and prostitutes have got Englishmen

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain intend to put an end to drinking of spirits in public places and sticking-up of announcements of services of prostitutes in pay phones, at bus stops and other public constructions as it causes displeasure of local residents and spoils general impression from a city.

the new instruction which comes into force since Saturday, grants polices the right to withdraw alcohol in the places designated as public and where presence of drunk people can be considered as antisocial behaviour and public order infringement. The police can impose now the penalty on fans to drink in the street if they refuse to leave alcohol under the first requirement konsteblja.
In some cities, in particular in Liverpool and Manchester, local authorities have forbidden for a long time already drinking of alcoholic drinks in the streets, however new obshchebritansky the law will allow to enter similar restrictions without additional legal registration.
as to sticking-up of cut-aways with telephone numbers of prostitutes which can be found almost in all pay phones of London now it will be considered as a criminal offence though prostitution illegal is not. Guilty should pay the penalty to five thousand pounds ($7,3 thousand) Or to spend six months in prison.
according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, every year in the country it is made 13 million the cut-aways offering services of working women sex - the industries. The largest British telephone company VT to which posesses the most part of payphones in the country, spends $350 thousand a year for removal of undesirable advertising from pay phones.

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