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The mayor and the minister have looked narrowly at defects

and have opened Michael Shemjakina`s monument

Yesterday on the Marsh area under loud delights and crowd curses solemnly opened a monument Children - a victim of defects of a society presented to Moscow artist Michael Shemjakinym. Event was preceded by indignations of Muscovites, not consent with installation Children in city centre (wrote about it on June, 21st and 27).

At the appointed o`clock at the monument draped with a lilac fabric two crowds separated from each other by a bed and a militian cordon were formed: officials mixed up with art workers and usual citizens. One were restricted at a monument, others were kept at some distance by guards. do not row! This cultural action - the major admonished. now will open, and you will see the ` culture `! A shame! - the vigorous lady branded an event. But the militia has shown unprecedented before at similar ceremonies persistence - have dispersed even rassevshihsja was on a lawn of parents with small children. All waited for Yury Luzhkov.
the Moscow mayor has appeared in time, behind it the retinue was there and then formed, and all have directed on a tribune: Michael Shvydkoj, Michael Shemjakin, Zurab Tsereteli, prefects. The deputy minister of culture Natalia Dementyev who has blest in due time the first monument of Michael Shemjakina in Russia - Peter the Great at the Peter and Paul Fortress, remained in crowd.
It would be desirable to hope that the voice of the author will be heard also its product will mention hearts and souls of people - Yury Luzhkov has warned gathered. To the applause the Moscow town governor and the minister of culture have released from - under sculpture fabrics in the centre multifigured shemjakinskoj compositions. On the sun have flashed bronze the boy with the girl round which still disappeared under a figure coverlet - defects Which sketches so have frightened the public. All have again begun to clap, and the mayor to the minister about something have started talking.
suddenly with defects the fabric began to slip slowly, and all have calmed down. It was appreciable that Yury Luzhkov and Michael Shvydkoj as - that do not dare to turn back there where the first figures have seemed. In general - that to turn aside from opening terrible sculptures it was senseless: they surrounded a dense semicircle the girl with the boy and the mayor with the minister. To public hardly it was easier: it could distract from defects on another, on - to the an exciting show - expression of persons of Yury Luzhkov and Michael Shvydkova. It is difficult to describe them. They have been disturbed if not to tell are frightened. But not that has appeared before eyes. It seems that the mayor with the minister suffered a choice, what look at the sight of these figures pertinently on public - joyful because the monument at last with such work and humanistic pathos is opened, or compassionate therefore as children, defects and so on, and can, severe and resolute: a pier, all on struggle against defects!
in the meantime covers have failed, and persons of honoured guests have addressed to a snout in a dress coat (under it the tablet: Larceny ), the female figure topped with the frog head ( Prostitution ), to a being with a syringe ( the Narcotism ) . Were still the Sadism War Poverty violence Propagation Alcoholism For the forgetful... and other misfortunes total number 13. The mayor with the minister have stood, have sighed and have moved to microphones.
Yury Luzhkov acted long enough. The mayor has reminded society organisation principles : the Power should learn, treat and protect . From them has passed to shemjakinskomu to a monument which named powerful, deeply philosophical composition and as proof has quoted Lermontov and Einstein. Has begun to convict the defects, ignored the sculptor: Defects on screens of TVs, at cinemas, I would tell, in means... here the mayor has stopped short and with feeling has added: the Electronic plan . Yury Luzhkov conviction in that, " has finished; That, despite singularity of a sculpture, she will call us to self-improvement .
the Voice of the author has been heard after ceremony. Michael Shemjakin at last - that has met face to face spectators. thanks, thanks you! - old women shouted and the artist for hands sufficed. what, psychiatrists after a sculpture to you did not cause? - mister Shemjakin was interested. No, no! - grannies answered. and after all they here came, psychiatrists from psihbolnitsy. Have examined a sculpture and recognised as its normal! - with pride the artist has informed.
on shout: Why you have not held a referendum among Muscovites before putting here this ugliness? - Michael Shemjakin has modestly noticed: There are people clever to which my sculpture is pleasant, and silly to which it is not pleasant. Here you concern the second category!
From the point of view of the spectator of the second category to which with pride correspondents carry themselves, the monument of Shemjakina was expected much more opposite. The park greens have smoothed impression, having transformed a rank standing a semicircle urodtsev into similarity of silent gravestone monuments.
in Petersburg where Shemjakina too accepted cautiously, it has put rather more successful and local enough things - like its small Peter in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Here to it has obviously changed sense of proportion - beginning from senseless razdutogo scale of all composition and finishing abundance of the banal details on which the sculptor has not regretted neither time, nor bronze. That there are the books lying at feet of children - Pushkin`s Fairy tales editions of 1950 and Russian national fairy tales editions of 1900, - why Shemjakin has decided to put a monument to these two collections, not clearly. Each of defects is supplied by such burdening quantity of attributes of the vicious activity that becomes awkward for the author, so a little counting on imagination of spectators.
a theme Children - a victim of defects of adults it is demagogical enough, but nevertheless a theme as a theme. Such now in a fashion. But only solve them not so. Michael Shemjakin long did not begin to think and has preferred to open in its most primitive image - without having thought up anything better the sinful idols round kiddies blindfold over the closed books. Not a symbol, not a composition and any caricature poured out in bronze from the newspaper Truth 1965 of the edition.