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The convict ran from a zone on three cars

In the Kemerovo region one of two prisoners two weeks ago running from a local colony of a high security is caught. This runaway (told about it on August, 30th) has received scandalous popularity first of all has been made when the colony prepared for funeral of the chief.

we will remind that on August, 28th from a colony of a high security #43 have run away 27 - summer Pavel Prib and 35 - the summer Svjatoslav Zhamero, sentenced to long terms for murders. Criminals have used that protection has been occupied by preparation for funeral of the chief of a colony.
on Pavel Priba`s trace it was possible to leave some days ago. In Novokuznetsk the attack on the driver VAZ - 2106 for the purpose of car plunder has been made. The driver was seriously injured a knife, and doctors hardly managed to save to it life. On Pavel Priba`s photo the victim has identified the robber who has attacked it.
Having learnt that the fluent convict disappears in Novokuznetsk, employees UIN have there and then sent there special troops group. Yesterday members of spetsnaz have received the message from employees of the traffic polices seeing the person, similar to Priba, on Technological road. The area has been there and then blocked. Having noticed cars with flashers, Prib and it 19 - summer girlfriend Karina Gutova have tried to disappear, but members of spetsnaz have appeared more quickly. Having detained both, inspectors have established that Gutova has spent together with Pribom all time after its runaway, and is possible, and has helped it to disappear from a colony. Being at large, Prib has made some thefts and three stealings of cars. To article punishing for runaway, it have added charges in these crimes, and also incriminated attempt at murder. On set it can receive now as early as years ten (before it left 12 - summer term).
the Second fugitive, Svjatoslav Zhamiro, is not found yet. It is not known also where there is his wife Tatyana, most likely, it disappears together with the husband. It is not excluded that they hide in settlement Listvjagi of Novokuznetsk area where their relatives live. Their addresses constantly on control at militiamen. In search of the criminal now participates about 100 employees UIN and the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kemerovo region. Besides, local field investigators do not exclude occurrence on Kuzbas one of three prisoners who have run away from the Butyrsky pre-trial detention centre. Under the operative data, Boris Bezotechestvo, the native of small Kuzbass small town Anzhero - Sudzhenska, can return to native places.