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Valentine Kovalev has given to business quarter of the century

And can receive nine years

In finishing stage has passed court over the former Minister of Justice and the head of Fund of public protection of the rights of citizens Valentine Kovalevym. Yesterday the state accuser has demanded for it nine years with property confiscation.

already told about Valentine Kovaleva`s business and its assistant Andrey Maksimova. We will remind that they are accused of plunder more than 4 mlrd old roubles from Fund of public protection of the rights of citizens and reception of bribes on $40 thousand
Yesterday on process in Moscow City Court one of witnesses of charge, the deputy minister of agriculture of Russia Vladimir Loginov has acted. He has told that in 1994 - 1995, being the president of the company Russian sugar has brought in the mentioned remedial fund about $200 thousand But, according to the witness, the management of fund of the promised services in legal protection has not rendered also money has not returned. In the same spirit other witnesses acting earlier spoke also.
After a break the chairman has pledged a word to an accuser from the State Office of Public Prosecutor. That has demanded to sentence Valentine Kovaleva and Andrey Maksimova to nine and to six years of imprisonment accordingly in a high security colony. The state accuser insists and on that the property of defendants has been confiscated and that it was forbidden to them to occupy posts in state power structures.
on Monday after a small break on process lawyers of defendants then the court will pronounce a sentence on this sensational case should act. By the way, lawyers of defendants of Kovaleva and Maksimova already petitioned for a direction of this business on additional investigation. They motivated the request with that their clients have not up to the end familiarised with an evidence, and also that the law enforcement officers who have been not included in structure operatively took part in investigation - an investigatory brigade.
the Public prosecutor has agreed before that I can disappear from court, and have suggested to detain right now me, - Valentine Kovalev has declared to the correspondent, leaving a court building. - I of such pleasure it will not deliver. On Monday we with the lawyer will not leave a stone on a stone from charge. After all I protect not myself, and business to which has devoted quarter of the century .