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Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources did not see offers LUKOIL
Scientifically - technical council of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources within one and a half months will study petrocompany offers LUKOIL on revision of parametres of licence agreements of affiliated Open Society Arhangelskgeoldobycha (AGD) in Nenets joint-stock company. According to the deputy minister of natural resources Cyril Jankova, such decision it was accepted yesterday at session of expert working group of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources where the course of performance of licence agreements on four deposits in NAO on which works AGD was considered. On the basis of conclusions and recommendations of council the ministry will solve, to terminate licence agreements or to change their parametres. a situation with AGD very uneasy, - has told g - n Jankov, - in particular, it is not clear, whether considered the ministry those offers ` LUKOIL ` under licence agreements which the company represented earlier to the ministry . The deputy minister has declared: There are bases to consider that in some cases the ministry and administration NAO did not consider going from nedropolzovatelej the offer .
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Oil industry workers will be overcome for NORSI - Ojl
Sibneft declared intention to take part in competition on sale of state blocks of shares of shares of company NORSI - Ojl . Sibneft intend to get a state block of shares entirely (the Russian Federal Property Fund declared carrying out on October, 19th, 2001 two auctions on sale of share holdings NORSI - Ojl at a rate of 40 % and 45,36 % of an authorised capital stock). Interest to competition also show the petrocompany LUKOIL the Tyumen oil company and petrochemical holding SIBUR. The initial price of sale of 40 % of actions is equal to $10,4 million, the deposit sum - $2,08 million For the second package (45,36 %) the initial price is equal to $11,6 million, the deposit makes $2,32 million
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the Petersburg stock exchange has replaced a clearing bank
Sankt - the Petersburg currency stock exchange (St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange) has translated calculations on US dollar in J. P. Morgan Chase Bank (were Chase Manhattan Bank). As have informed in a press - stock exchange service, the decision on account opening in this bank was accepted after there were problems with information reception under accounts from Bank of New York which was a St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange clearing bank on the auctions on US dollar. Telecommunication networks of bank have been damaged after acts of terrorism, proisshedshih this week in New York as bank offices were near to the failed World shopping centre. In connection with the arisen technical problems on September, 13th and 14 on the St.Petersburg Interbank Stock Exchange day session on US dollar was not spent. We will remind that the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has faced the same problems also. A management of the Moscow stock exchange the decision on transfer of calculations on US dollar in J also was accepted. P. Morgan Chase Bank.
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the Central Bank will report under the international standards
the Central bank intends to publish in October of current year the balance for 1999 - 2000 according to the international standards of the financial reporting. About it yesterday during a meeting with representatives of committees of the State Duma which are responsible for the budget, has declared vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin. As he said, this balance will allow to estimate dynamics of accumulation of reserves of the Central Bank and in the whole its work. Alexey Kudrin considers that publication of balances under the international standards will allow to count on revision stranovogo risk concerning Russia and finally will lead to increase of its credit rating.
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SIBUR Company SIBUR wants to change debts for actions
has suggested to make an exchange of debts of joint-stock company Tomsk petrochemical industrial complex (TNHK) on the action of new joint-stock company. The external managing director of industrial complex Anatoly Gubkin has informed on it. As he said, it is supposed to divide a share holding of new joint-stock company as follows: joint-stock company metanol - 10 %, Open Company Management personnel in which the Siberian chemical industrial complex has enclosed the controlling interest TNHK, - 13 %, creditors TNHK - 28 % (the Siberian chemical industrial complex and group get to their number the Alliance ), the Tomsk petrochemical factory - 27 %, 22 more % of actions is offered to be left in property TNHK. As it was informed earlier, in March the meeting of creditors of joint-stock company TNHK has chosen as management company SIBUR.
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