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The astrological forecast

Saturday, on September, 15th
If today you have intended to make something serious try to make it till a dinner or at least to begin in first half of day.
care on roads in the morning is necessary, at dialogue with technics, first of all electric, and means of transportation.
household conflicts, and on trifles can easily flash. So try not to provoke others and not to give in on provocation.
in the middle of day conditions more harmonious. Excellent time for various purchases, especially such which you have planned for a long time. However, it is not excluded that there will be also an unexpected interesting variant. Behind purchases it is better to go together with darling. Such dialogue after several days of intensity will be very useful and pleasant. Try to reach in all the consent. Do not demand from the partner impossible and try to go to it towards.
Second half of day - neutral and almost useless for the serious enterprises. Therefore safely be engaged in daily affairs - and have a rest!
today are especially vulnerable nervous and it is warm - vascular systems. However, it threatens people weakened, in particular with that who has just transferred strong stress.
playing sports, tourism should not lead to unpleasant consequences if, of course, you do not overdo as regards loadings.
on roads conditions normal, hardly more complexities can arise in the morning.
for ARIESES dialogue with children and various games will be the most harmonious. The pleasant moments in love are possible.
TAURUSES will have satisfaction from dialogue with house and from successfully executed works, and is possible, and from purchases.
TWINS will find the pleasant moments in trips and daily dialogue, will manage to settle the last conflict, unexpectedly to receive interesting knowledge.
CANCERS should glance in shop - there they are waited by something pleasant. Even for modest money you can make purchase pleasing you.
LIONS again can shine and be pleasant to associates. Show the initiative in dialogue, games, love and creativity.
MAIDENS if you are inclined to mysticism today receive the interesting information or will communicate to companions on interests. It concerns also those from you who is keen on psychology, philosophy and any improving systems.
SCALES will pleasantly spend time in the company of friends and even can act on the first roles. There will be no reefs and in family dialogue.
SCORPIONS are capable to perform the work so effectively and gracefully that will manage to get approval of associates.
SAGITTARIUSES will be pleased with travel, especially in the company of persons of an opposite sex. Pleasant dialogue waits for them and in educational group.
CAPRICORNS can carry out the successful transaction and get profit on financial partnership. The joyful moments are provided to you and in love.
AQUARIUS is capable to become successful in relations both with habitual, and with the new partner. A practical advice friends and partners will help.
FISHES can essentially restore health, successfully realise industrial projects. Housework will bring pleasure.