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The Chechen insurgent has got in Mordovia

In Mordovia the Chechen insurgent Musa Musaev searched for fulfilment of acts of terrorism is detained. The gang into which it entered, mined roads and killed the Chechens co-operating with the authorities.

Musa Musaev was the ordinary insurgent of one of the Chechen bands. On the gang account some murders of persons which insurgents suspected of cooperation with FSB and contacts to the power, and also room thefts in Grozny were registered. Two participants of grouping employees Chechen and Severo - Caucasian RUBOPov have detained in Grozny. Having learnt about it, insurgent Musaev ran from the Chechen Republic. After a while it has appeared in Mordovia. Here he also has been detained with counterfeit documents on a post of traffic police of the city of Krasnoslobodsk.
On interrogation the criminal has told that the gang into which he entered, was engaged in installation of land mines with remote control in settlements of the Chechen Republic in the summer. However the arrested person asserted that it was not possible to carry out any of the prepared diversions. Also Musa Musaev admitted that in the beginning of July in Grozny gangsters from its grouping have shot from a grenade cup discharge the car UAZ in which there were three employees of FSB. Insurgents removed this attack on a videocamera, and for the cartridge have obtained from the leader of a gang decent reward.
this week Musa Musaev will be sent from Saransk to Grozny where concerning it some criminal cases are raised already.