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Jailers have sent for a lattice

In Ufa for cruel beating of the person on remand the deputy chief of a pre-trial detention centre Sergey Baev is arrested. Two more employees of an insulator who actively helped the chief are involved In a criminal liability.

the Bashkir businessman Sergey Ivanov (the surname is changed at the desire of protection) have arrested on December, 24th, 2000 on charge in swindle. By means of false documents it and its accomplices from Open Company firm Ufa - thermal power station as has established a consequence, have appropriated three civil planes and some combines. The consequence has quickly understood business, and in the beginning of July the accused have started studying of its materials.
all this time the person on remand contained in the so-called commercial chamber of a pre-trial detention centre 3/ 1 GUIN Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation calculated on three persons. Ivanov has agreed about it with the chief of a pre-trial detention centre and should pay on 2,5 thousand rbl. a month. However in August, 2001 the chief has gone on leave, and assistant Sergey Baev fulfilling from this point on to its duty has decided to receive from the person on remand much more a great sum.
to begin with it has caused to itself(himself) Ivanov and in the presence of ensign Bojshova and the captain of militia Mufazalova has suggested it to sign a paper about transfer to jailers of 100 thousand rbl. (this paper Ivanov`s friends at liberty should receive) on prison expenses: a writing paper, kantsprinadlezhnosti and other.
Ivanov has refused, and then extortioners have begun to beat it. Beat than has got: hands, feet and even rubber bludgeons. The person on remand periodically fainted. Then over it poured cold water and continued tortures. After some hours so anything and without having achieved from Ivanov, Sergey Baev ordered to carry it in the general chamber where the person on remand without the qualified medical aid has spent the whole night.
For the morning Ivanov indifferently delivered in investigatory management of the Department of Internal Affairs for acquaintance with business. as soon as I have seen it, - Ivanov`s lawyer remembers, - that at once has understood that something has occurred to my client. After all it has not entered, and has literally crept in an office: the foot is interrupted, all in bruises .
According to the lawyer, she has written at once the complaint to Office of Public Prosecutor then its client was examined by doctors. Physicians have concluded that Ivanov needs hospitalisation, and the Office of Public Prosecutor has raised this very day against employees of a pre-trial detention centre of Baeva, Bojshova and Mufazalova criminal case on charge in excess of powers of office with violence application (item 286 ch. 3 which provides from four till ten years of imprisonment with an interdiction to hold a former post within three years).
the Deputy chief of a pre-trial detention centre of Baeva and ensign Bojshova have arrested after a while, and from captain Mufazalova was the subscription about nevyezde is taken. Employees GUINa tried to appeal against against a preventive punishment, but unsuccessfully. Yesterday the city court of Ufa has rejected their statements and has left jailers in IVS. By the way, the question on excitation of criminal case and against the chief of a pre-trial detention centre is at the moment considered. Having returned from holiday, he has tried to prevent a legal investigation about beating.