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Supporters Unities are married to the job

Yesterday there has passed the first Moscow city conference of supporters of party Unity . Gathered in the President - policy hotel, businessmen and art workers told about themselves and called for a unification with each other and with president Putin.

the main and unique question of the official agenda sounded laconically: supporters of party should play what role development of the city organisation? With the report on the done work has acted and. An island of the chairman of political council of the Moscow organisation Unities Andrey Metelsky who has told gathered, what daily laborious work stands up for in dry figures and the facts : in Moscow today 9 thousand party members and one thousand more supporters.
it has replaced the chairman of the Moscow coordination council of supporters Unities Lyudmila Krasavina who began so to list honesty all performed work that has not sustained pressure and directly on a tribune has fainted. To it sitting in a hall and presidium Party members at once have rushed. But, fortunately, all has managed: the woman has come to the senses and wanted even to finish the report, but colleagues led by and. Islands of the chairman of presidium of political council of its party Frantsem Klintsevichem all - taki have dissuaded. To the applause and approving exclamations Here that means to burn down on work! the appeared in time doctor has withdrawn it for first-aid treatment.
then the turn of known opera singer Irina Arhipovoj has come. When it, also very elderly woman, under the handle have moved to a tribune, the hall has stood. But this time all has managed: the singer has told about activity of the Union of musical figures headed by it without excesses.
after the opera tonic a word took the habitue of the majority of democratic actions 90 - h, hudruk Lenkoma Mark Zaharov. He admitted at once last errors: It is guilty of reorganisation euphoria and some political statements . As he said, it is necessary for party not to argue on healthy conservatism, and to carry out more evident actions. For example, to Unity it was necessary to act to an interdiction of carrying out of bullfight and to explain to people why she needs to be forbidden: Statements of some art workers that if is not pleasant, do not look, are insolvent. Give me an economic resource - and I will organise fight of gladiators with furious tigers. Also I assure you as the director: there will be a packed house!
mister Klintsevich the performance of the beginnings mysteriously, having declared that we have a handful of brilliants and we do not know that to us to do . Also has there and then scarified adherents for boring conducting session: actor Zolotuhin Sitting here has left: if have involved, means, should not lose, the president " should not lose;. After all 70 % gathered here have come not to ` to Unity `, and to Putin . Probably, that henceforth anybody without demand did not leave, the deputy has promised to carry out actions of party with attraction of an available administrative resource.
after that a word have given to singer Tatyana Petrovoj who instead of speech has sung a song Silent my Native land and a march Farewell of the Slav . And here singer Alexander Serov did not begin to sing, and, on the contrary, with expression has read the reference to Muscovites, in which in connection with activization of world terrorism has urged Muscovites to rally round the president and to make a correct choice on elections in Moscow City Council.