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Today, on September, 15th, birthday of the editor-in-chief of a broadcasting company of ATV Kiry Proshutinsky
Happy birthday it are congratulated by the director of the Central house of the actor Margarita Eskina:
- Kiru I knew, still when she studied in the Moscow State University, and considered its as one of the most talented young journalists. Today it from TV presenters, rare at us who is able to remain hardly - hardly in a shade, representing first of all to whom talks, - the hero of transfer. The person it thin and intelligent. It one of the most close my friends, despite age dividing us. Kira - the good, light and very talented person who has made serious internal career. It not simply became known and popular, and has managed to grow in itself, to become the leader and to move behind itself collective. I wish Kire to remain the same lovely and good mum, the grandmother and the girl-friend, and television business which it so purely and skilfully conducts, let develops and further.

Today, on September, 15th, 76 years to the actor, the art director of the Big drama theatre of G.Tovstonogova Cyril Lavrovu
Congratulations to Cyril Lavrovu are executed actress Natalia Belohvostikova transfers:
- On huge pleasure I congratulate dear Cyril Jurevicha! I very much love since the childhood of this actor with its surprising radiant smile. And here in a water Glass to me there was a gift - to act in film together with Laurel. Cyril Jurevich was such radiant miracle which of Peter at night came to us on shootings. It is a pity that I acted in film with it only in one film. But I am am pleased always with comprehension of that there is Cyril Lavrov. It seems that time passes by it without touching. On the shootings, many which passed them out of pavilion, I saw as it we love spectators. And I wish Cyril Jurevichu not to lose this happiness - boundless love of spectators.

Today, on September, 15th, 60 years to the director are executed - to animator Yury Norshtejnu
With an anniversary Yury Norshtejna is congratulated by the director - animator Feodor Hitruk:
- it is difficult To me to get used to thought that to Yury Borisovichu - 60. It is impossible to consider this date as any boundary therefore as it goes absolutely the road, creates the - very difficult - animation. I wait for end of its new film, is assured that it becomes the phenomenon of world animation as already became it the Overcoat and all its other films, however, too. Will wish Yury Borisovichu health, forces and possibility to create yet one film. And still same strict to itself and to another of the relation. I know that he has refused any official celebratings - and in it all Norshtejn. He hates these anniversary velvet armchairs, and I in it very much understand it. Has simply solved: who wants, let comes today to me.

on September, 16th - birthday of poet Ljubovi Voropaevoj
Happy birthday it is congratulated by composer Lora of Fifths:
- My dear faithful companion. Yes, you really girlfriend from capital letter, moreover and not each person at a birth parents so acutely name Love. Your verses, your feelings to husband Vite, your sincere care of the friends are absolutely adequate to your name. Personally in me causes reverential trembling your will power which allows you at any sincere spirit besides fine rhymes to write scenarios, be the leader of a concert, on - muzhski severely to carry on business negotiations, and the main thing (that the greatest rarity) to be the man of his word and honour. Your aristocratic profile is capable to decorate even a cynical word the producer . And simply speaking, Ljubasik, you clever, though also beautiful.
not to consider your talents, it is clear,
So be, the Love, is rich and fine!
Let nastroene will be only in to - a major
And remember the girlfriend Lore!

65 years to the actor and director Michael Kokshenovu
It on September, 16th are executed actor Michael Derzhavin congratulates:
- Misha - the graduate of our Shchukinsky school, but the destiny never reduced me with it on a stage, and here on sets we last years met it repeatedly in pictures of director Ejramdzhana. It is possible on - for a miscellaneous to concern weightiness of these films, but that they bring to people pleasure, is I know for certain. And always the most joyful and very creative note in our shootings is introduced by Misha Kokshenov. It the fine actor, it is thin feeling a comedy. With each meeting I am convinced more and more of what it the remarkable partner, the true friend and the good person. It very much helps and with organizational questions: Misha possesses rare, irresistible charm, and, speaking to the modern language, under it Gave money time and again on shootings of films. I wish this kind, sympathetic, talented person not to lose optimism and the fine smile. Belozubyj, the red, big, beautiful person! Good luck and happiness to you in all!

56 years to the leader of the program " on September, 16th are executed; Smehopanorama to actor Evgenie Petrosyan
Evgenie Petrosyan is congratulated by the writer - satirist Victor Kokljushkin:
- Evgenie Vaganovich, I wish you happy birthday and I wish you, the person whom here already more than 30 years make laugh the people of the CIS, health, happiness, optimism. You, the person who has passed the big school of life on a platform, know that it is fated to remain on it far not to everyone. To you the great honour to shine in a sky of stars has dropped out and to be really the present star. And I hope that astronomers of the Crimean observatory will find - taki any planet and will name its your name. And if it does not happen, any star which I will see in the evening in the sky, I will name Petrosjanija. Yours faithfully, humorist Vitja, it Kokljushkin.

the Heading is conducted by OKSANA - ALEKSEEVA