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Fans bugs have remembered the state Urartu

On 38 - the m MKAD kilometre has passed reception on the occasion of opening of the Moscow club of friends of Volkswagen and the biggest in the Eastern Europe of salon of this mark Urartu motors named owners an ancient name of the native Armenia. Before salon there were eight collection old bugs . Among numerous journalists and businessmen (the general director of a chain store system Ramstor Mustafa Saglam, the president of video concern the Union Vitaly Beljakov and others) were observed also show celebrities - business. The president of club VW Vladimir Presnyakov - the senior declared the beginning zhuchinogo rally. Group On - On was located in two cars, in others bugs - The fashion designer Arina Kramer, TV presenters Tatyana Sudets and Yana Poplavsky, Vladimir Presnyakov, composer George Movsesjan, spouses actors Natalia Gvozdikova and Evgenie Zharikov (in one car), the head of representative office of Volkswagen in Russia Torsten Bradler (Torsten Bradler). The column has gone towards Yasenevo - with the whooping, the hooting horns burning with lanterns, frightening employees of traffic police, and in seven minutes has returned to the applause. Just in this time celibate priest Markos from the Armenian apostolic church has consecrated salon. Then mister Presnyakov cut a ribbon, in salon on new black a bug have driven on full speed George Movsesjan, Natalia Gulkina (on a forward seat), singers Alexander Ivanov and mister Daduda (on back). Entertainments have proceeded in car centre nearby: to visitors have offered competition on the sample Formulas - 1 : replacement of all four wheels of the car by speed. The group " has won; On - On Having changed forward wheels on back for 47 seconds. For it it have presented dark blue minibus VW Caravella in $40 thousand Here all have invited to tables where except usual furshetnogo a set with caviar there were Armenian dishes and cognac Vaspurakan . Over all it ten minutes fireworks flashed.