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The model will study as the queen

Spaniards of whom has got to a palace will not start up

the Norwegian model Eve Sannum who has become by the darling of the Spanish successor of a throne of the prince of Asturijsky Felipe, before engagement will pass a special course of the Spanish language and history, the report and other subjects which is necessary for knowing to the future queen of Spain. Only on this condition it can become the Spanish princess. With details specially for JUAN KOBO, the correspondent of RIA News in Spain.

mother of prince Felipe (Felipe) the queen Sofia (Sofia) on wedding of the younger son, prince Haakona (Jaakon), in the end of August has awarded Eve Sannum (Eva Sannum) a personal greeting. Thus the queen as though recognised the darling of the elder son.
the Novel 33 - the summer Spanish successor with 27 - the summer Norwegian lasts two years, but till now was a constant theme only the yellow press printing photos enamoured, made in different exotic points of globe where they together spent time. To novels of prince Felipe which in what do not result, have got used for a long time. But many Spaniards nevertheless waited, when it will get a family - especially its relatives.
but when the prince has decided to get married to Eve Sannum in this summer, there were problems. It have supported in it mother the queen Sofia and sisters Elena (Elena) and Christina (Kristina) which dream to put an end for a long time to prolonged bachelorhood of Felipe. But king Juan Carlos (Juan Carlos) considers that with wedding it is not necessary to hasten, and not from - for Eve`s trades or its modest origin, and from - that, according to sources in a royal court yard, at first The future queen should learn many things which will be necessary for it at execution of this post .
And as, according to the constitution of Spain, the successor of a throne can get married only with the permission of the monarch and with the consent of parliament, wedding should be postponed for uncertain time. Some consider that such tactics is selected by Juan Carlos to allow to cool down to feelings of the son and if it is possible, to force it to refuse present matrimonial plans. And it not a whim of the monarch. The matter is that the choice of the prince has turned to a serious state problem. Last polls show that only 25 % of Spaniards consider that prince Felipe has the right to marry for love. The overwhelming majority believes that its status of the successor of a crown obliges to think not only of itself, but also about interests of a monarchy as that.
Supporters of such point of view refer, in particular, to the problems of an English monarchy caused by behaviour of crown prince Charles which have caused a considerable moral loss to the British crown. In case of repetition of such situation in Spain, opponents of a marriage of prince Felipe on the Norwegian commoner - the model consider, the Spanish monarchy can lose the present status to not subject any criticism. Its many flaws and miscalculations are known for all, but it is not accepted to tell about them out of respect for Juan Carlos, caused by its personal contribution as the real politician in creation in Spain democracy and preservation in it to stability.
in general, Spaniards always perceived the kings very personally, emotionally, easily passing with hatred to love and back. If British only once have in the history dethroned the king, at the same time having beheaded it Spaniards have dumped from a throne not one monarch, and king Ferdinand VII dethroned some times, and at first took out from a palace under shouts Down with the tyrant! and then brought on hands back with shout Yes chains are well! also named it Adored .