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Murder from the second attempt

On Thursday in the late evening in Moscow the director of Open Company " has been killed; Karles which supervises a network of food shops, the former assistant to deputies of the State Duma of Michael Musatov and Nadirshaha Khachilaev 43 - summer Abdul - Kerim Sulejmanov. The crime as field investigators and friends of mister Sulejmanova consider, has the Dagestan trace.

on a scene of crime there was a toy pistol
the Most part of Thursday Abdul - Kerim Sulejmanov has spent in a society of lawyer Evgenie Zamoskovicheva in its office on Aminevsky highway. The lawyer also has told to correspondents some details of an event. According to the lawyer, any affairs connected with jurisprudence, they did not discuss - simply stirred, as old friends, mainly about events in the USA. we have still argued, on what country Americans will strike back - across Afghanistan or across Iraq - the lawyer remembers.
About 18 hours of Lord Zamoskovichev and Sulejmanov on BMW - 750 have gone to look, how there is a building of a private residence of the businessman. Coming back to Moscow, they have got to a half-hour stopper - the train of president Putin by followed. When at last have almost approached on the house of mister Sulejmanova, at the car has lowered a wheel. Having left the driver to change it, friends have gone on houses on foot.
it is equal in 21. 20, having finished repair, the driver has approached on the house in the street Krylatsky hills in which there lived Abdul - Kerim Sulejmanov, and has found out the chief lying on asphalt in an entrance. Mister Sulejmanov has been wounded in feet, a breast and a head. Having shipped the wounded man in the car, the driver has rushed off in hospital, but rescue its doctors could not. Wounds have appeared deadly.
the militia has received the message on murder from doctors of minutes through twenty after an event. Nevertheless employees of a criminal investigation department managed to find witnesses of a crime who have told that the person who has disappeared from a scene on " shot at mister Sulejmanova; to Volga white colour.
Volga have put on the wanted list. In Western, Jugo - Western, Severo - the Western and Central districts of capital have entered the plan Interception . But find out its militiamen could not. But, examining a scene, detectives have found two toy pistols on a cowl of the car standing near to an entrance. The murder tool, a TT pistol, the criminal has taken away with itself.
that has occurred to its client, the lawyer has learnt in the late evening when it was called home by the brother of mister Sulejmanova. About motives of murder Evgenie Zamoskovicheva does not have any assumptions. Apparently, do not know about them and relatives of the killed.

Misadventures of the Daghestani in Moscow
To Moscow the family of Sulejmanovyh has got over three years ago from Dagestan where Abdul - Kerim also was engaged in the business connected with foodstuff and spirits. Soon it has opened the shop first in capital.
the first attempt at it has been made on August, 13th, 1999 in the house #20 in Autumn parkway. About 23 hours when mister Sulejmanov has entered into the entrance, on it the unknown person has behind snatched. The Daghestani has not become puzzled and has shown attacking active resistance. The criminal has got a pistol from a pocket and has started to shoot. First three bullets have got to the businessman to a forearm, two others - in a waist. Finish the victim the criminal could not. At it cartridges have come to an end, and absolutely militian sirens nearby have raised a howl: neighbours, having heard shots, have caused militia. The pistol of a TT has carried away the attacking with itself. Probably, on Thursday the same person attempted upon mister Sulejmanova.
Wounded man Abdul - Kerim Sulejmanov, having learnt that behind its chamber someone conducts supervision, ran from hospital. However soon it have found and employees RUBOPa have detained. The businessman could inform nothing to them on motives of attempt, and it have soon released to recover. But under a consequence on this business there was other Daghestani - Grigory Gimbatov (Grisha Rezanyj) supervising a network of large jewelry stores in Moscow. But also it has soon appeared on freedom.
next time law enforcement bodies have remembered Abdul - Kerime Sulejmanove in October, 1999 when in Moscow the deputy of State Duma Nadirshah Khachilaev for whom he worked as the assistant has been detained. Mister Khachilaev have accused of the mutiny organisation in Makhachkala (last year it have sentenced to one and a half years of imprisonment and have there and then amnestied), and Abdul - Kerima Sulejmanova - in storage tolovoj draughts and 2 g drugs which have been found at his place.
I am not engaged in criminal business, to anybody should nothing, and to me should not, - mister Sulejmanov to the correspondent when it have released on a judgement told, - but precisely I know: drugs and an explosive to me have thrown. The provocation purpose is known also. In prison from me achieved, that I have helped to release from a captivity of the son were the prime minister - the minister of Dagestan Abdurazaka Mirzabekova Kamilja who has been stolen several months ago. For it ask the $25 million repayment .
the Hostage was soon released by employees GUBOPa (as they confirmed, it has resulted from special action and without the repayment). Abdul - Kerim Sulejmanov in any way has not commented on this event, having noticed only that together with Nadirshahom Khachilaev time and again helped people to get out of the Chechen captivity.
recently as have noted acquaintances of mister Sulejmanova, he was engaged in exclusively trading business. Has opened in Moscow a chain store system in which foodstuff delivered from Dagestan and cognac were on sale. on the problems connected with a crime, - they have noted, - he to us never complained. Probably, they also arose, but Abdul - Kerim preferred to understand with problems itself . By the way, - they have remembered, - he said about last attempt that it is connected with any events in Dagestan. Probably, so was and this time . Yesterday relatives have taken off with a body of mister Sulejmanova for Makhachkala. He will be buried in the homeland.