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ORT Board of directors was headed by the director of the Hermitage

Yesterday the chairman of board of directors of Public Russian television the director of the Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky is unanimously selected. On it the agenda of meeting of board of directors has been settled, as again selected chairman cannot return to Russia from New York yet. Questions of audit of ORT will be considered only in October.

in new board of directors of ORT, the elite on September, 7th, has entered a press - the secretary of the president Alexey Gromov, the first deputy minister of property relations Alexander Braverman, the president of the North Ossetia Alexander Dzasokhov, the first deputy minister of the press Michael Seslavinsky, the general director of ORT Konstantin Ernest, the first zamgendirektora ORT Alexander Ljubimov, film director Nikita Mikhalkov, poet Ilya Reznik, the general director of Independent publishing group Vitaly Tretjakov, composer Alexander Tchaikovsky, the director of the Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky.

Michael Piotrovsky`s Election on a post of the chairman of board of directors of ORT passed in its absence: it still has taken off one week ago for New York on a meeting of the Society of friends of the Hermitage and from - for acts of terrorism cannot return to Russia yet, and the consent to head board of directors has given by phone. At meeting, except mister Piotrovsky, were absent Alexey Gromov (it together with the president of Russia now in Armenia) and Alexander Dzasokhov (in Vladikavkaz accepts delegation from Moscow). All of them, according to ORT charter, have voted in writing on the eve of meeting. By data, other nominees on a post of the chairman it was not considered.
Michael Piotrovsky`s choice is as well as possible entered in a line which the state shareholders of ORT and managers of a broadcasting company adhere. The first channel now not the political cudgel, and the public television, which essence is reflected in the new board of directors half consisting of art workers. It has practically confirmed in interview and Michael Seslavinsky selected the vice-president of board of directors (earlier this post was occupied with Badri Patarkatsishvili): the New structure of board of directors of ORT underlines feature of the largest Russian broadcasting company as public television. Naturally, as the person significant, with good reputation in a society should be the chairman of board of directors. In this respect Michael Borisovicha`s nominee is irreproachable .
Probably, what not last role at a choice of the chairman of board of directors the tendency to put forward and choose people from Peter, a native city of president Putin has played also fashionable now. On a question, whether that its chairman does not live in Moscow will prevent work of board of directors, the mister Seslavinsky has noticed: Work of the chairman of board of directors does not provide daily activity in the company, ORT management is engaged in current activity. Besides, all councillors of directors of ORT have unanimously supported that council was really working body, instead of decorative formation .
And here a top - the manager of one of the central TV channels has reacted to election of the new head of board of directors on - to another: to It - to god, ` on a photo, and still to me to sing a theatrical circle, a circle hunting `... At all respect for people of art it would be desirable to listen to their discussion at discussion of the financial report of ORT and the audit data ., By the way, also should be engaged in it the new board of directors at the next session planned for October. On it it is supposed to hear the financial report of the general director of ORT Konstantin Ernest and to define, will cost how many ORT audit (it company Ernst and Young will be engaged). Besides, the board of directors should define date of the next meeting of shareholders on which it is planned to consider questions of recrediting of ORT: In January, 2002 the next term of the credit in $100 million, given out ORT comes to an end with Foreign trade and investment bank.

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