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Andrey Bilzho has well accepted the heroes

In the well-known Moscow club Petrovich there was a holiday concerning an exit of the new book of author Petrovicha of caricaturist Andrey Bilzho Petrovich and others . In the thick and very beautifully published book caricatures of Bilzho about Petrovicha, the Cheburashka, a dog of Mu - Mu and Gerasim, grandfather Mazaja and hares, by Chapaeva and Petku are collected. Public in club was a match for characters of the book.

as TV presenter Vadim Zhuk in the speech about value of the book " has fairly noticed; Petrovich and others in world culture, Andrey Bilzho really managed to create the whole world occupied by idiot Petrovichem both other mad and simply ridiculous characters. This world zameshen on the Soviet life and essentially ugly charm of people, its occupying.
all liked speech and everything that was around: to editors-in-chief of half of Moscow newspapers who during this or that time worked as simple journalists in The businessman when Andrey Bilzho already was in it the main caricaturist, to writer Vladimir Sorokin, poets Igor Irtenyev and Lvu Rubinshtejnu, journalists and writers - to all who was on a holiday in Petroviche it was pleasant nostalgicheski - Soviet and at the same time it is humiliating - the Soviet atmosphere of the book and club.
submitted tasteless, but nostalgic salads of type olive and farshmak. Poured vodka on each table (but separately at a rack poured and burbon - not to refuse to itself the most necessary for the sake of nostalgia). Have taken out tables on street and arranged there salute, the rain has not gone yet.
in each invitation card the red piece of paper with an inscription has been enclosed: the Book - the best gift . On this piece of paper it was possible to receive as a gift Andrey Bilzho`s book which the special girl turned in two jackets and on which the hero of the festivities drew to each visitor instead of or together with a donative inscription still any Petrovicha.
the scene was played by youth blues group in which structure the son of TV presenter Vadim Zhuka acted. This group very much prevented to talk old acquaintance so senselessness of human dialogue on a party came nearer to senselessness of human dialogue on book pages.
Andrey Bilzho really managed to create the whole world occupied petrovichami. The whole world of absurdity and cheerfulness. Two, for example, the known journalist in this world have almost fought from - for interview. Visitors looked at scandal with the same cheerful interest with what it is accepted to watch Petrovichem beheading a hen then the hen speaks a joke.
As journalists in club there was an overwhelming majority from time to time one visitor of the caricaturist ordered to another any note about president Putin, and this conversation immediately caused a picture of the hero of the festivities on which the killer with a rifle sits under an inscription " in memory; an advance orders section .
Only writer Sorokin was comely and in the world basic petrovichej looked the present classic like Pushkin. That, certainly, Pushkin to what at caricaturist Bilzho from time to time speaks to warped Petrovichu something poetic. Or on Einstein who drinks with warped Petrovichem and shares the secret:
- you Trust, Petrovich, all rather.