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Britain remained without opposition

the New leader will ruin conservative party

In Great Britain the three-monthly epopee with elections of the new leader of parliamentary opposition has ended: Ian Dunkan Smith became the head of conservative party. After its victory observers have started talking about the fast end of the oldest political party of the world.

after a failure of the party on parliamentary elections on June, 7th the leader of conservatives William Hejg (William Hague) has retired, and 318 thousand private soldiers tori should select to themselves the new head. At first the former Minister of Defence of Great Britain Michael Portillo (Michael Portillo), then eks - Minister of Finance Kenneth Clark (Kenneth Clarke) was considered as the indisputable favourite. However members of conservative party have solved differently: on Thursday evening in London it has been declared that in last round of voting (the appearance has made 80 %) 61 % tori have supported the deputy of House of Commons Iana Dunkana Smith (Ian Duncan Smith) and only 39 % - mister Clark. Conservatives and could not overcome in themselves hatred to uniform eurocurrency for which introduction the former head of the Ministry of Finance acts.

Ian Dunkan Smith was born in 1954 in a family of the military pilot and the ballerina. Has graduated from the university in Perugia (Italy). In 1975 - 1981 served in the Scottish guards: served in Northern Ireland, Rodezii, Canada and Germany. In 1992 it is selected by the deputy of the British parliament from conservative party. In 1996 - 1997 - the secretary of parliamentary committee on the international affairs, in 1997 - 1999 - the shadow minister of social problems, in 1999 - 2001 - the shadow Minister of Defence.

accepting congratulations on a victory, mister Dunkan Smith has promised to create effective opposition to Tony Blair`s government (Tony Blair) and it is obligatory to win elections of 2005 and become the following of premieres - the minister of Great Britain. However the British political scientists do slightly other forecast: Under the direction of Iana Dunkana Smith the Tory party, the oldest nowadays existing political party in the world, or in general will stop the existence, or will fall on a shameful third place without any hopes of returning to the power.
the reasons for so pessimistic forecasts for the British conservatives a little. In - the first, Ian Dunkan Smith - the head first in the history tori, not having in general any experience in the government. In - the second, it, being the conservative member of parliament, zealously struggled against John Mejdzhora`s conservative government (John Major), and now it will be difficult to it to force to submit colleagues to the decisions. In - the third, the new leader tori, by a recognition even its supporters, is absolutely deprived the charisma so necessary for the candidate in the prime minister - ministers.
but the main reason in other: Ian Dunkan Smith on the belief - not the conservative, and the right extremist. It on spirit not priemlet everything that is connected with the European Union, with suspicion concerns foreigners, supports restoration of the death penalty cancelled still in 1967 and returning of punishment by birches at schools. One of heads of a pre-election staff of mister Dunkana Smith Edgar Griffin (Edgar Griffin) has appeared a member of neo-Nazi British national party (BNP): by the way, BNP openly supported Iana Dunkana Smith against Kenneth Clark. Organisation Monday Club which is standing up for repatriation from Britain of all immigrants was other its active supporter.
now, with election of mister Dunkana Smith and a desertion of the party of moderate centrists, conservative party can turn to far right grouping like the French National front or the Austrian party of freedom that will inevitably lead it marginalizatsii. According to observers, already on following elections in 2005 the place of the main parliamentary opposition left conservatives will be occupied with liberal democrats. Moderate conservatives as has declared wished to remain not named the member of parliament - tori speak about it also: Kenneth Clark was our last hope when - nibud to return to the power. We have missed this chance and, probably, for ever .