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Nju - jorkskie hockey players will not stand aside from tragedy

the General manager and the head coach of an Olympic team of Russia on hockey Vyacheslav Fetisov trains now club NHL New Jersey Devils. From stadium where the command trains, to a place where till Tuesday there was a World shopping centre, there is less than hour of driving. Yesterday correspondent ALEXEY - the BUG has called home to VYACHESLAV FETISOVU and has asked to answer some questions.

- probably, it is senseless to ask about what occupies now your thoughts?
- to tell the truth to speak to me about what now it would not be desirable. And what it is possible to tell now? All of us here watch TV and... Here there is nothing to make comments. All and so it is clear.
- judging by time when there was a tragedy, she has found you on the way to training...
- is not present, in America rise early as already knows the whole world - in 8. 46 mornings in a building of the World centre were to many people. We already spent training at this time. It is natural that it have interrupted and began to watch on TV that occurs. Anybody spoke nothing, all were silent.
- anybody in a city did not have at this time relatives?
- is not present.
- it is obvious, the tragedy has introduced corrective amendments in command preparation?
- yes, three days we did not train, here only today (on Friday.-) have again renewed preparation though, understand, what mood at all.
- and from your house in Nju - Jersey to a building of the World centre far?
- only 25 minutes of driving.
- in your area now easy?
- now everywhere it is restless. I mean not only New York. And not only the USA. How there can be quiet a person when war goes?
- with somebody from the colleagues playing or working in nju - jorkskih commands New York Islanders and New York Rangers, called up?
- is not present. But I know that all players and employees of these clubs live out of town. This day at them gathering should open. They, naturally, and have not opened, and when it will occur, while it is not known.
- In New York there is also a staff - apartment NHL...
- It it is far from a tragedy place. While data that someone from its employees has suffered, at me are not present. I know only that, as you: two scouts Los Angeles Kings were lost.
- In the USA all sports competitions are now cancelled almost, probably, and NHL something will change in the plans...
- about it to speak still early, of course, but I can assume that on Sunday our first exhibition match with New York Rangers will not take place. Almost early games in other cities will be for certain cancelled also.
- all over the world people with all my heart sympathise with Americans...
- and that here is created! To hand over blood, it is necessary to defend some hours. It is natural that we, hockey players, too will not stand aside. It is assured that all clubs of league will spend already in the near future any charitable actions, and local - our command and two nju - jorkskie - will make it first of all. And these actions will be, of course, not single, them will be very much and much.
- I understand that now not time to ask questions on an Olympic team, but life nevertheless proceeds...
- to tell the truth, I actually would not like to speak now on this theme. Really not time. I can calm only our fans that work is conducted constantly. In spite of the fact that biassed publications where I in them am exposed at the best by the idler already have gone. Nadaval supposedly promises, and itself is idle. Work - de others.
- your last action as the general manager and the trainer of a national team?
- went to Detroit. Met Igor Larionov and Sergey Fedorovym. Both meetings have encouraged me. In other time would tell to you more in detail about them, but now thoughts are really occupied by another.