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Joseph Kobzon, the best among people

has celebrated birthday among people good

In club the Crystal the deputy of the State Duma and the national actor of the USSR Joseph Kobzon has celebrated the birthday and an exit of a new album the Song remains with the person . Among testified the respect to mister Kobzon there were cinema stars, show - business and television, the colleague from the State Duma, the doctors recently treating mister Kobzon in hospital of a name of Burdenko, friends and relatives. Many expected representatives of political beau monde among whom Yury Luzhkov, Evgenie Primakov, Grigory Javlinsky, in connection with the American tragedy to club have not reached. From the Crystal - correspondents ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV And ALAIN - ANTONOVA.

Joseph Kobzon has appeared in club foyer - a casino the Crystal for half an hour prior to the beginning of action. He was met by visitors and journalists.
- that at you is connected with a name Nina? - Quickly its journalist of foggy age also has persistently asked.
mister Kobzon has been amazed:
- Nina? Yes anything!
he has still thought and has squeezed out:
- In general - that beautiful name.
- yes? - The journalist has been disappointed. - well, Nina... Think!
by the confused and intense kind of the singer it was possible to conclude that he feverishly remembers affairs of bygone days but while anything cannot remember. To it remains only just in case is guilty to smile and even more steadfastly to peer into the lady who so exactingly behaved.
- so, - she has asked again, - and then that such beauty?
- beauty? - The singer melancholy zaoziralsja in search of rescue, but was no place to wait for rescue, it was densely surrounded with journalists with same, undoubtedly, questions. Is, probably, the woman... The nature... Beauty... I do not know!
during this difficult moment for Joseph Kobzon an applause was distributed. The one and only person who has made the way to the aid to the singer, - TV presenter Yury Nikolays applauded. He applauded about one minute, without being confused at all under frank quizzical glances.
in the meantime the journalist, muchivshaja the birthday man eternal questions, has informed that all problem was only that it works in magazine Nina also has departed. And one more person who has broken through a journalistic cordon has come nearer to mister Kobzon, - Alexander Rutsky. Mister Kobzon already gave at this time someone other interview:
is a democratic permissiveness... But it is necessary to do something, something should be left to a society... After all does not remain ideals...
- and in what a secret of your longevity? - Have cleverly interrupted him.
- is not present! - Joseph Kobzon has fairly answered. - I could tell lies to you now, of course. But is not present: I like to drink. And to eat.
and still, having hesitated, has said an unexpected phrase:
- Know, I always thought that at me it is a lot of time. And it is not enough of it.
Here Joseph Kobzon at last has embraced, as if sympathising with this opening, Alexander Rutsky.
- I wish happy birthday. That you became same kind and beautiful, as this god of pleasure! - the general has stretched to the singer a copper figurine tolstopuzogo wriggling urodtsa.
Joseph Kobzon has frostily thanked Alexander Rutsky. Here to the singer its one more acquaintance, too with congratulations has squeezed, and has said some relying words.
- the dangerous person, - has quietly told, to anybody as though without addressing, the mister Rutsky. Also has unwillingly departed.
during this moment temporary numerical superiority was obviously on the party of visitors, instead of journalists.
- at you, Joseph Davydovich, is many advantages and only one lack, - the official from the Moscow government has told to it.
- what? - With interest the singer has asked.
- all of you - taki strongly business.
- yes? - With doubt he has asked again.
and on turn already was Alexander Burataeva, the leader Youth ` Unities ` with a message of greeting in hands. are glad to your recover - it has been written in it. Really, as it is known, Joseph Kobzon was lately seriously ill. Mister Kobzon has warmly thanked to Alexander Burataevu as other top politicians - neither Yury Luzhkov, nor Evgenie Primakov - on a holiday was not though in an aaplet they among invited appeared.
in some minutes he already told about illness to any TV channel:
- In birthday I in general - that rolled in bed, and it has turned out that as though have clamped birthday. And now all think that I celebrate birthday today. Actually today simply there is a presentation of my new disk. It not that other, as evening of rest. We have a rest!
the question, whether a feast it has there and then arrived in that case during a plague because after all only yesterday planes of terrorists have rammed America. The singer to whom Americans, as it is known, refuse for a long time the entry visa to America, referring to its wide acquaintances in not irreproachable circles, with pleasure has answered:
- Certainly, it would be possible to cancel this evening in view of mourning. But after all it would be wrong!
- why?
- Because we would deprive of pleasure weight of people! - Joseph Kobzon has frankly told. - well certainly, I have sent to the American people the condolence telegramme. And America all warned that... And us wanted to exclude from everywhere for the Chechen Republic, and hardly that threatened Israel: do not dare to exceed the powers... And here! The greatest state has appeared unadapted! Not the ready. And anything surprising. And terrorists were ready!
- Osja! - to the singer TV presenter Svetlana Zhiltsova has broken, has embraced him and has shouted to journalists:
- All are free! All good-bye!
but the singer as it seemed, has not had time even to understand, who has embraced him, because to it have asked the next uneasy question:
- you after all some time have told ago that have stopped to sing. And sing. How so?
- Understand, - Kobzon has answered, slowly selecting words, - in the 60 years I have really pledged a word that I leave. Has left. Tried to go to theatre, to read... It has not turned out!
the question on rising generation too has not taken him unawares:
- That in rising generation depresses me... I for each period of life of the state can report a song: for the first five-years periods, for the Brotherly state district power station, for restoration of the economy destroyed by war... And they cannot!
interview known visitors of mister Kobzon around gave.
- whether there are at you Kobzon`s favourite songs? - We have asked also Boris Moiseyev.
- certainly, is, - with readiness he has answered. - But I am afraid to be inexact in their name and consequently I will not tell, what.
- and if to compare Joseph Kobzon and Frenka Sinatra, - the approached young journalist has asked, - that in whose advantage will be comparison?
is all the same what to compare a balalaika to a guitar, - Boris Moiseyev has adequately answered.
and then all have passed in a hall. The banquet and public congratulations has begun with a scene. Mister Kobzon congratulated with the past as Joseph Davydovich`s birthday was on September, 11th, and a banquet in the Crystal - 12 - go.
doctors hospital of a name of Burdenko, according to the newborn, " left One of the first on a scene; pulled out it some days ago from a next world and representatives of the company Park of stars let out a new album of the master of the Russian platform.
have started to drink and have a snack since a minute of silence. yesterday in the USA there was a tragedy. To me the whole evening called and asked, whether evening will take place. Therefore we will arrive correctly if we will keep silent minute. Let`s remember them on - russki - Joseph Kobzon has told already officially from a scene. All have risen. In a hall the silence was established. A minute later mister Kobzon has told thanks. The leader of evening Voropayev`s Love has relieved the tension words: Life goes on. We celebrate Joseph Davydovich`s birthday and an exit of its album . Visitors have sat down for tables and have begun to have supper.
mister Kobzon has informed that during its illness for it prayed both in a synagogue, and in a mosque. After these words on a scene there was Irina Otieva: Together with a synagogue and all the others prayed for you and we. More than we love you, any synagogue, any mufti does not love you . Also has sung a song. The birthday man then implored with combined forces was congratulated by deputies of the State Duma Oleg Morozov, Martin Shakkum and Arthur Tchilingarov. Mister Morozov has asked to pinch it because to it it is not believed that it the colleague on the Duma to the great singer. Then poet Ilya Reznik has asked Joseph Kobzon verses: Sing Russian song, Joseph Davydovich! Sing, become for us the doctor . Joseph Davydovich has satisfied the request, having sung Lengthways on Petersburg .
Meanwhile visitors with concentration ate and drank, therefore almost did not applaud. Mister Kobzon has rebuked them: I understand that you would like to have supper. But if you are so yourselves to conduct, we now will finish evening . Here the hall has burst in an applause, and on a scene left Lev Leshchenko and Vladimir Vinokur with words: Friends! You have already eaten and have drunk. Now there will be a true art . Also have really started singing: Day after day run year - dawns of new generations, but anybody and never will forget a name Lenin . Joseph Kobzon has joined them, and then all hall: Lenin always live, Lenin always with you... singing has ended with words: Lenin! Kobzon! Glory! Ur! Then smoothly have passed to new and not to such known song: Eh, on - bratski we will divide a throne! .
but public has sustained choral singing not for long, and on a scene there was Boris Moiseyev in a long shirt over which the usual short jacket, with corps de ballet and a song " has been put on; If I almost do not know you, it is not important... . After singing and a congratulation to Kobzon`s family actor Moiseyev has invited Joseph Davydovich to dance under own singing. The pair was turned on a scene under the handle, ran up, converged - was similar simultaneously to a quadrille, a hopak and lezginku. Well you so pulls to dance? - Boris Moiseyev asked. when in you this demon was installed? - Joseph Kobzon answered with a question a question. The hall regularly applauded.
after that serious tone took Arcady Viner. the universe system so is arranged that without your participation it does not work, - he has informed the newborn. - If though five percent of the population of the Earth would be similar to you, the Earth would blossom . And together with Joseph Kobzon has sung a song on - Jewish. And Alexander Rutsky has informed visitors that will not sing because is not able, but has remembered the Afghani war and performances there Joseph Davydovich. And further with colours, songs and congratulations Oleg Gazmanov, Valentine Legkostupova, Alexander Gradsky, Nikolay Rastorguev, Nikolay Noskov, Jan Arlazorov, Lev Novozhenov, Aslambek Aslahanov (in papahe) already has gone, and from a hall clapped Oleg Marusev, Svetlana Morgunova, Igor Nikolays, Yury Nikolays... And Vladimir Resin has left, simply having handed over to Joseph Kobzon a huge bouquet.
in general, all was very lovely, but nevertheless is more silent, than could be. At the wrong time terrorists have acted. For certain anti-semites.