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Buryats have caught the Chinese spies

They bought up military technology as scrap metal

In Buryatiya have detained two citizens of China. According to employees of FSB, Chineses tried to get samples of especially confidential military technology and the equipment.

in UFSB the Russian Federations across Buryatiya have told that the Chineses represented by businessmen, profits on republic territory rather recently. The establishment of business contacts to local businessmen was the trip purpose as Chineses have officially declared. In particular, Chineses were represented by wholesale buyers of nonferrous metal of one of trading firms of China. However from the very beginning foreigners have shown interest to perfect to other objects - to tanks, armoured cars, planes and helicopters, spare parts to them and the technical equipment.
already at the first contacts to local businessmen Chineses began to be interested carefully in possibility of acquisition of samples of military technology. And foreigners have declared at once that technics and the equipment can get as in territories of the closed munitions factories, and directly in the military units deployed in Buryatiya. The main thing - to deduce them on the necessary people at the enterprises and in army garrisons. Behind the price, Chineses have explained, they will not stand - will suffice both to intermediaries, and direct sellers. Further citizens of the Peoples Republic of China planned to take out the confidential equipment to China under the documents certifying that in trains the scrap metal is transported.
in spite of the fact that the Chineses, gathering to get the confidential technics, operated in slightly rude manner (at once ogoroshivali the Russian partners requests to help to get on the closed regime objects), all operation has been calculated at them to trifles.
the information on pseudo-businessmen quickly cunningly to law enforcement bodies. For suspicious foreigners supervision has been established. During the latent shadowing of special service completely have made sure of the true purposes and problems commercial trips of two Chinese guys. After they have some times tried to get on territory of the closed factories and military units, the decision on their detention was accepted.
capture has occurred in a regime zone of defensive object - by then foreigners already were so assured that they were possible manage FSB that have impudently climbed through on the closed territory. At arrest Chineses of resistance did not render. Only repeated that have got on object to examine the scrap metal ostensibly prepared for sale by local businessmen.
however all arguments of arrested persons have not sustained comparison to the presented results of operative activity of employees of FSB and other law enforcement bodies. Chineses have been turned out from Russia for activity which could harm to defensibility of Russia.

PETER - SANZHIEV, the Uhlan - Ude