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103 Russians are put on the wanted list

On suspicion that they became victims terrakta

Embassy of Russia in the USA has begun search of the Russians who are in America and, probably, victims at act of terrorism. In the list put on the wanted list which is placed on the Internet, more than hundred persons.

soon after the tragedy which have happened in the USA, in embassy of Russia in the USA calls from concerned Russians began to arrive. People worried for destiny native or the friends who are in the USA. The embassy has decided to allocate a hot line for such calls. And on the site to www address. russianembassy. org has placed the list of the searched.
as employees of embassy have told, call from different regions of Russia. Inhabitants of Moscow, Izhevsk, Novosibirsk, Abakan, Zelenograd worry about destiny of the relatives, call and from near abroad cities.
lists of passengers of the planes grasped by terrorists - the kamikaze, - for the reason have been first of all checked up that it has appeared to be made most easier in developed conditions. Among flying to killing liners there were people with the surnames similar on Russian. However it was found out that it were nevertheless Americans.
unfortunately, those same lists who worked in a building of the World shopping centre in New York, do not exist. Therefore at once it is impossible to establish, whether there were Russians in skyscrapers during act of terrorism. So now the embassy simply makes the list of all Russians which are searched by their fellow countrymen. According to diplomats, calls are distributed the most different. Someone precisely knows that their native work or live in Manhattan. Someone cannot contact the relatives who are in the USA, and is afraid that the person could appear in the tragedy centre. Many calls speak also visa problems: After all in connection with cancellation of flights from the USA zavislo it is a lot of passengers, and expecting them in Russia do not know, where they are and that occurs to them. Co-ordinates of the calling register for maintenance with them of communication. By the way, as employees of embassy have told, call and in other occasions: One man from Uzbekistan wanted to hand over blood for victims. Money was not offered by anybody, but many offer psychological and even the spiritual help. But we refuse to nobody. We write down co-ordinates of all who has addressed .
Now in the list of searched Russians - 103 surnames (the data is constantly updated). On the contrary 17 from them - a phrase has not suffered () . It means that the specified person was and with it everything is all right. Employees of embassy have dispatched the list to representatives of all authorities of the USA. In the special crisis centre which has opened on Thursday at nju - jorkskom municipality, surnames of Russians will check also under already made separate lists - for lost and already identified; wounded and hospitalised; missing persons; the explosions which were in area, but not victims and interested persons it to declare. The hope remains and on put on the wanted list. Probably, they will find themselves in this list and will contact embassy or the relatives in Russia. While those 17 from the list were found by relatives who have informed this joyful message in embassy.
bodies of victims on Manhattan which are taken from - under ruins during analysis of blockages, according to employees of embassy, go through Hudson to staff of Nju - Jersey where there is an identification of remains. Among already found out lost Russians is not present.
the Russian embassy in the USA offers all who searches native in America, to call by phone a hot line 8 - 10 - 1 - 202 - 298 - 57 - 72 or 8 - 10 - 1 - 202 - 298 - 57 - 00 or by phone 8 - 10 - 1 - 212 - 348 - 17 - 17 in New York (there to phone now much more difficultly).