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Barack Obama has brought in the senate a nominee of the new ambassador of the USA to Russia

the US president, predictably, has submitted for consideration the upper chamber of the congress of the USA a nominee new the diplomat number 1 which will represent interests of Washington in Moscow.

Michael Makfol who is now the special assistant of the president and the executive director across Russia and Eurasia in National Security council of the USA, already will shortly appear under light eyes the American senators, many of which, do not doubt experts the American capital, will try to drag out process of appointment of the new ambassador to Russia and to arrange with its various political requirements to the White house.

Actually Michael Makfola`s having especially academic " way; a background to one of key positions in the American foreign policy establishment has begun in 2008. Then, during Barack Obama`s election campaign, the graduate of Stendfordsky university and professional specialist in Russian philology Makfol was the adviser future 44 - go the US president on foreign policy questions concerning Russia and Eurasia.

Discussion of a nominee of Michael Makfola - excellent chance for republicans to pull about Barack Obama

Makfol never was the employee of State department, but, nevertheless, it is considered in Washington one of the most authoritative experts in Russia. Really, besides impressive theoretical luggage - doctor`s degree Michael Makfol has received in Oxford and long time practised at Guverovsky institute, - the future owner Spaso - the House in Moscow has also the big practical experience of acquaintance to the Russian realities. For the first time having visited our country the post-graduate student of the Oxford university in 1983, Makfol in 1990 - h actively worked years in Carnegie`s Moscow Center.

the Information that Makfol can become the future relief of the present ambassador of the USA in Russia John Bajerli, has appeared in the American press in May. During Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev`s last meeting at the summit G8 this question was discussed, and still then Moscow has given out informal agreman on the offered nominee.

Under the information, for most 48 - summer Michael Makfola such succession of events became to some extent unexpected as its primary plans provided returning in alma - mater and continuation of the academic activity in Stendfordsky university. As a result from the offer of the US president to go to Moscow for continuation reboots in relations between America and Russia its informal author - Makfolu in Washington are attributed laurels of the theorist and practice of a successful policy of the USA on the Russian direction - could not refuse.

Not the secret that is forward to develop relations between Washington and Moscow further to the new ambassador of the USA in Russia now will be much more difficult. Remaining disagreements on the ABM, proslipping with Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization and removal of the amendment of Jackson - Venika become main points for Makfola on the near future.

As Michael Makfol on the eve of March visit of the vice-president of the USA Joseph Bajdena to Moscow has declared, Jackson`s amendment - Venika is considered in the White house as a problem, Russia concerning joining to the WTO, but not connected with it . We said earlier that we plan to liquidate amendment action in the near future. We will plan it, and such discussion will be connected with advancement and definitive end of negotiations of Russia on accession to WTO - has declared Makfol.

And during last visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrova to Washington in the July, present at State department on joint the press - conferences of heads of Russian and American foreign policy departments Makfol has told that is assured of the conclusion of mutually advantageous agreements on the ABM. However, on my question on, whether it is necessary to expect progress in this question to its statement in a new post, Michael Makfol has laughed the matter off, having noticed that it depends on how long I will be confirmed by senators .

Meanwhile procedure of passage of a nominee of Michael Makfola through the senate become valid idle time can not and threatens to be stretched for some months. Barack Obama`s political opponents on Capitol Hill do not hide that see in a nomination presidential naznachentsa to Moscow excellent chance that to pull about administration of the USA on foreign policy front as a whole, and the Russian direction in particular.