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At the Sochi forum Vladimir Putin has promised not to increase taxes

At the International investment forum in Sochi head of the government Vladimir Putin has tried to prove to the West that in the Russian economy all is good, and has not excluded new associations - for example, the Customs union and the European structures.

For premieres - the minister the forum has traditionally begun with an exhibition. To prove to be from the best party have tried both the regional authorities, and a management of the companies. The most fluffy stand have thought up in the Volgograd region - have covered an exposition under the name Uryupinsk - capital of the Russian province down scarfs, in them have wrapped a small tractor. In figured boots and a lacy dress posed were razvedchitsa, star the native of area Anna Chapman. All it organizers tried to draw attention of the prime minister and investors to potential of district small towns: distributed promosumki with inscriptions I will throw all and I will leave to Uryupinsk . CHapman the prime minister has not noticed - or has pretended, and here the slogan was pleasant to it.

has for a long time detained Vladimir Putin and the stand Rostelecom - is more true, car Marussia presented there with an inscription State services, transparent more than ever . The Vice-president Rostelecom Alexey Nashchekin has told that thanks to the device established in the car it is possible to go on a portal of state services. by 2013 it will be the mass phenomenon - he has assured. Head minkomsvjazi Igor Schegolev has shown a premiere the whole media centre. It is possible to order products, to look telecasts, to use the Internet, to call by phone, to listen to music and, certainly, to address on a portal of state services, and all - from one device in cost from 140 to 270 euros.

for regionalov it has appeared the Most attractive edinorossovsky Rostock (Russian creative - educational kontsept) - the newest architectural decisions of kindergartens presented at the stand of the government of Moscow. According to the head of the party project Kindergartens - to children Ekaterinas Semenovoj, Rostock has surpassed the highest requirements of professional selection of projects of repeated application .

- Modular kontsept building of kindergartens yet has no analogues in Russia on set of characteristics of cost, conformity to specifications, economy of the area of building and to erection terms. We have offered ER kindergartens of different capacity - from supercompact to supercapacious, - were declared by the head of the Moscow company - the winner a Terra of Auri Andrey Beljuchenko.

erection Cost Rostock in regions building under out-of-date projects applied now can manage on 40 % more cheaply, than. Rostock Leans against effective and transparent system of realisation, for this reason from 100 regional projects ER it has appeared this is close: use of local building capacities in the presence of very modern and multiple project - tells Semenova. an United Russia recommended Rostock to application in all regions of Russia, and the present investment forum has given the chance to governors to look narrowly at new kindergartens more close.

In Sochi safety strict measures have been accepted: on session did not want to start up even vitse - prime minister Igor Sechina together with Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko. But all has ended safely. In the presence of Vladimir Putin the loudest documents of a forum have been signed. The main things from them can name the agreement between Gazprom German Wintershall, French EdF and Italian ENI on to the Southern stream . Refusal of Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych of the introduction of the country has coincided with it in the Customs union.

Admitted that the statement did not see, Vladimir Putin has noticed that it always a sovereign choice of the state - where to move. Ukraine could adjoin EU, but here there is a question that is more favourable. to Aspire in an eurozone or to use the available already competitive advantages connected with huge cooperation between the whole branches of economy of Ukraine and Russia? - the prime minister has asked. And itself has answered: it seems To me that reasons which say that it is necessary to move to other party, carry politiko - emotional character more likely. And if to look at realities it becomes clear that in the Customs union it is more than benefits. It in - the first. And in - the second who has told, what the Customs union should not be integrated into the general European economic space? soon Yanukovych will arrive to Russia and there will be a possibility... To talk and podiskutirovat it is not simple as with the neighbour, and as with the friend Putin has concluded.

Rostock at the stand of the government of Moscow: vitse - mayor Andrey Sharons and head a Terra of Auri Andrey Beljuchenko.

Speech of premieres - the minister at plenary session first of all has been addressed foreign investors - how in detail he listed steps of the Russian government and broadcast a sight from the White house on a situation in world economy. crisis of sovereign debts of the developed countries demands from politicians, economists and investors of reconsideration of traditional approaches - Putin has declared. The models of development leaning against growth of debts, do not work, leaders concede positions and cannot be an example of the weighed macroeconomic policy.

And here Russia feels confidently: by 2012 will cope with consequences of crisis recession and in the nearest trehletku gross national product will grow approximately on 4 % a year. and we consider that it is not enough of it for us - has raised a lath of premieres. Risks and uncertainty of a business climate of Russia are for the present great, Vladimir Putin recognised, but from rating agencies it would be desirable to see more weighed approach. So, Russia almost the world leader by such negative criterion as influence of a malaria on business dealing . Where Russia and where a malaria? Strange estimations and strange criteria - the prime minister was surprised.

I Want to note: our general problem not in was smooth water for the speculative capital where it can easy sit out. In Russia all conditions for " should be created; clever investments - Putin has cleared up. He has suggested to create the uniform standard of support of business in regions - that any company entering on the new regional market, understood game rules .

the Russian investors also are ready to cooperation, Putin has assured foreigners. if you talk to heads of leading our banks, you will see that as spoke one of our art workers very favourite in the past and actors Shukshin, money presses a thigh, there is no place to put. They search for interesting and perspective projects - it has explained.

- it is not necessary to be afraid of Russia. We quite civilised partners for today. We are not going to drag off any technologies. We want simply high-grade and cooperation equal in rights. Are ready to give the markets, - the prime minister promised.

By the way

Vladimir Putin is nominated for the Chinese Award of the world of a name of Konfutsija. Among competitors German chancellor Angela Merkel, the former Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan, founder Microsoft Bill Gates and the president of the republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma.