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In Ufa the third is fixed laser attack aboard the plane

state of emergency has occurred about four o`clock in the morning, have informed the correspondent in the Ufa transport Office of Public Prosecutor.

This time the laser beam has been directed aboard the plane Bouing - 737, following by flight Ufa - Istanbul . The Aircraft at the moment of attack gained height at a departure from the Ufa international airport.

- On the left board the beam of green colour directed from area where villages Zhukovo and Beryozovka the Ufa area are located has slipped, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Ufa transport Office of Public Prosecutor Marat Gajsin has told to the correspondent. - Onboard during that moment there were 189 passengers and eight crewmen.

the Representative of Office of Public Prosecutor has specified that the beam of the laser has not blinded pilots, nevertheless, they have informed at once on the earth on incident. To area of a presumable finding of the laser hooligan at once has been directed operatively - an investigation team of transport police and Office of Public Prosecutor. Searches of the malefactor are conducted.

we Will remind that it already the third similar case, proisshedshy around the international airport Ufa .

the First case has occurred on July, 15th when 11 - the summer schoolboy from settlement Zhukovo has directed a laser pointer on the coming in the land plane They be 134, carrying out flight from Samara to Surgut with landing in Ufa.

the Second case laser hooliganism took place at night on August, 13th when the plane They be 134, carrying out flight Tomsk - Ufa - Nalchik came in the land at the airport of Ufa. Then guilty there was also a teenager from the Ufa microdistrict Dema bought a laser toy with range of action to 40 kilometres through the Internet.

In both cases nobody has suffered, and planes have safely landed.