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The plenipotentiary: If the bridge on island Russian will not hand over in time is not tragedy

the Plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Far East federal district Victor Ishayev has estimated a course of building of objects to summit ATES - 2012 in Vladivostok.

- At building of objects which are erected to summit ATES of 2012, the main thing is to observe technology, quality of carried out works and safety precautions that not gibli people, - the plenipotentiary has declared. - terms, of course, too are important. On some objects of building of a drawing of works, unfortunately, not absolutely consider prirodno - environmental conditions - the rain, a fog, a wind, therefore is small backlog. If the bridge on island Russian to term is not handed over, the tragedy in it any is not present. This difficult engineering construction. Let the bridge will be handed over a month later if only all works have been executed qualitatively, according to plan, instead of quickly, that the bridge not danced . It is possible to deliver foreign delegations to island and on plavsredstvah.

Ishayev ascertained that in December of this year the construction of roads conducted within the limits of preparation for the summit, too will not come to the end. As it is impossible to put asphalt in the winter and to do a marking, roads will be ready more close to the summer period. But there is a confidence that the aeroport complex will be started in target dates.

- Certainly, it would be desirable, that works were carried out faster. Inhabitants of Vladivostok already were tired of these infinite buildings in connection with which in a city there were many inconveniences. But it is temporary. By summer of 2012 of building will be finished, and the city will receive enough water, new treatment facilities, bridge transitions, roads, - Victor Ishayev has noted.