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In Primorski Krai the run away tigress has left in a taiga

the Tigress on a nickname the Luxury which has run away from the zoological centre in seaside village Gajvoron, today has left in a taiga. On a radio signal which arrives from a collar hishchnitsy, experts define that now it is between Spassky and Kirov areas in foothills Sihote - Alinja and moves on the north of Primorski Krai.

Scientists are assured that the animal is adapted for the wild nature and is capable to extract independently to itself livelihood, therefore has made decision more Luxury not to search, and only to watch its movement. Thus the Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Primorski Territory has warned inhabitants of villages about necessity to be careful.

we Will remind, a tigress villages have caught in August of this year near Luxury in Khabarovsk territory where it hunted on dogs. In the zoocenter has sat down Gajvoron scientists planned to make experiment on reproduction of the Amur tigers in bondage and thus to increase population krasnoknizhnogo an animal. On September, 13th hishchnitsa has opened a paw the sliding device of a cage and has run away. In village the brigade of experts of the state inspection " has left; the Tiger . On a signal from a collar it was found out that all these days the animal did not depart from the zoocenter further, than on 200 metres. But now it has left more deeply in a taiga.