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Putin: Russia should not be smooth water of the speculative capital

the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has acted at plenary session of the International investment forum Sochi - 2011 .

the Prime minister has noticed that debt crisis in the West was aggravated. In particular, the European Union economy balances now on the verge of recession, and the future development is in a fog. On this background the new centres of global economic growth are more boldly shown. In the near future economics of underdevelopment will exceed level of industrially developed powers in 2,5 times.

- To the beginning of next year the Russian economy leaves on pre-crisis level of the development, - Vladimir Putin has told in the performance. - The next three years rates of economic growth will make an order of 4 percent in a year. It is base, but we will aspire to higher indicators...

Among positive factors thanks to which while it is possible to resist successfully to crisis, the chairman of the government named absence at Russia short-term corporate debts and growth of gold and exchange currency reserves. Now the countries ZVR exceed half-trillion dollars. On this indicator Russia left on the third place after Japan and China.

Hardly probable, according to the prime minister, inflation this year will exceed seven percent that becomes a new minimum for all contemporary history of Russia . The budget which project is planned to bring in the State Duma till the end of September will be sufficient. Together with it it is planned to increase social expenses, first of all from - for programs of modernisation of public health services and formation. Besides it certain privileges will receive the enterprises of small-scale business which use highly technological manufacture or those which are created at high schools or centres of science, and also firms where invalids work.

Thus the general tax loading on economy of Russia as Putin has told, should not to grow. Search of reserves will follow the account of more rational use of budgetary funds and putting in order in tax administration.

- In new economic conditions   strategy of postcrisis development should change, - Putin has underlined. - it is necessary to change quality and structure of domestic economy, involving innovations and creating the highly technological companies.   unfortunately, risks and uncertainty of our business climate are still great. We should not be smooth water for speculative capitals. Now there are all conditions for attraction clever investments and fair business. Not momentary benefit, and long-term change of quality of life of the whole cities and regions should become a priority.

In detail the prime minister has stopped on the tariff policy. As he said, It is impossible to cover at the expense of tariffs an inefficiency of natural monopolies . Henceforth, under the government decision, tariffs will not advance officially established rate of inflation. Besides, will raise tariffs now not since January, first, and since July, first. It becomes not to untwist in addition inflationary roulette at the very beginning of a year. An exception will make only for the Russian railways (in this sphere tariffs will be on - former to raise in January) not to interfere with planned repair work.

Also Vladimir Putin has given the commission to Agency of social investments together with business community to develop the uniform standard of occurrence of investors on the regional markets. The most assiduous regions on attraction of capitals will be encouraged from specially created fund in the size of 10 billion roubles. According to the chairman of the Russian government, success of an investment policy will be the main criterion in an estimation of efficiency of the regional authorities.