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In an extreme - park of Perm the three-metre red bear

Opening unusual art has lodged - benches has taken place today in an extreme - park of Perm. Grey till today the concrete construction where train skejtbordisty, is decorated now by multi-coloured objects.

In square the three-metre red bear executed in style of a cubism is established, and round it benches in the form of machines in width of 30 centimetres, height from 35 to 55 centimetres and from 80 to 3000 centimetres have settled down length. They are made of a metal skeleton and plywood.

the Author red little men artist Andrey Ljublinsky, has created nine objects, cars symbolising nine types: the car, the truck, a waggon, a limousine, the school bus and so on.

To opening have been invited chetveroklashki from the seventh English school which with pleasure broke boxes with art - objects, took seat on them the noisy companies and were photographed. Most of all interested persons was to sit astride a white limousine to which all kiddies have directed. Each machine on - to the was beaten: children needed to guess, to what type of cars this or that bench belongs.

the Big red bear heading a composition, too has appeared in the attention centre: children climbed up it all class, helping to subdue each other this top . After opening of benches the author of the project has presented all the book - a colouring with machines that children could think up the colour scores and create original art - objects.

Have appeared at opening and small journalists: polina from the fourth Has interviewed Andrey Ljublinsky, having learnt that such a cubism and as this project was created.

- When the exhibition " has opened; the Cubism in Museum of Modern Art PERMM, we had an idea objects from this exhibition to establish in any park, - the artist remembers. - we long thought that if we will establish some the big animals, it will be not so good. But in this project except animals small cars from cubes have been presented. And to us the idea has come: on these cars it is possible to sit, if them a few to increase. And there were these benches. They are made, in my opinion, very qualitatively, and against weather conditions are steady enough. Nevertheless, very much I hope that with the first snow of the machine dismantle and as will become warmer, the next year will put again. These art - objects - an exclusive. While anywhere in Russia, except Perm, they are not established.

Maxim Kuntenkov from this the fourth Schools 4 comes to an extreme - park each days off and considers that on the big red bear it with friends will get yet time. The boy has promised that next time it takes obligatory with itself in park of parents to show them unusual benches.