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Perm UFAS has won at LUKOIL the court at the prices for gasoline

Perm UFAS Russia was possible to defend the decision and the instruction admitting the fact of an establishment of Open Company " in appeal court; LUKOIL - Permnefteorgsintez exclusively high wholesale prices for fuel in borders of the Perm edge. Now antimonopolshchiki demand from a monopolist to return wholesale prices for fuel for level of autumn of 2010.

In the end of 2010 to Perm UFAS Russia began to arrive numerous complaints of citizens and legal bodies to rise in prices at gasoline stations. The spent check has shown that the reason of a rise in prices for gasolines and diesel fuel became increase of the wholesale (holiday) prices of Open Company LUKOIL - Permnefteorgsintez .

In February, 2011 regional antimonopoly management has admitted the fact of infringement of the antimonopoly law from Open Company LUKOIL - PNOS . The society has abused a leading position, having established and supporting exclusively high prices for gasolines and diesel fuel in borders of the Perm edge.

Having disagreed with the decision Perm UFAS Russia, oil industry workers have appealed against against it in arbitration court which recognised the decision of antimonopoly body illegal.

However the position Perm UFAS Russia has found support in the appeal. The board of judges of the Seventeenth arbitration appeal court has completely cancelled a judgement of the first instance.

- In spite of the fact that the appeal court decision has entered validity from the moment of announcement rezoljutivnoj parts, most likely, the point in dispute is not put yet, - the head Perm UFAS Dmitry Mahonin marks. - Open Company LUKOIL - PNOS has the right to appeal against within two months against the appeal court decision in a cassation order. We hope that we will manage to carry case in the cassation that will allow to demand the prompt execution of the instruction and reduction of prices on fuel to level of September, 2010. And decrease in wholesale prices should be reflected in the prices for the gas station. Control of execution of the instruction which has been given out to oil industry workers, and check of validity of the prices established by it are now our main task.

the Inquiry

According to given Permstata, oil products in the consumer market of the Perm edge have risen in price in 2010 for 8,4 percent. More all has increased cost of diesel fuel - by 28,9 percent, basically at the expense of an active rise in prices in November and December (8,2 and 12,3 percent accordingly). The prices for gasoline grew less intensively (6 - 9 percent).