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On subbotnike in Nizhni Novgorod from a lake bottom have got a stolen car

In the action on lake clearing in the street Permjakova in Autofactory area of Nizhni Novgorod some tens persons - divers - fans, students and pupils of local schools, inhabitants of area have taken part.

Copeck five years registered in stealing and as much lain at the bottom of lake, divers have found during one of trainings. By the car which has scorched and covered with silt numbers have remained even: on them it was possible to define the owner.

By the way, on Permjakova divers cleaned lake exactly one year ago - then from a bottom have got one more car. we floated with masks, superficially, therefore the second car which was on depth, did not see - the organizer " has told; underwater subbotnika Sergey Shuhrin. Copeck have picked up lebedkoj, have got from a bottom and have pulled out on coast, having put near to a heap of the garbage collected in lake. In total participants of the action have got about 200 bags of the different stuff left here having a rest - basically, the bottles poured by water and lying equal layer on a bottom of a reservoir (and it only the fifth part of that is at the bottom - to get the rest very difficult). Active workers have found even an anchor, a sign on an emergency stop and a wheel, probably, from other car.

Video: Sergey Shuhrin

to Contact In the meantime the owner stolen copecks Policemen passing by lake especially have not become interested in the found car, truth, then on a portable radio set all - taki have informed on a find to colleagues and have promised to be engaged in it as there will be time.