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a Torpedo has crushed Minsk the Dynamo also has headed conference the West

a Victorious exit series Nizhniy Novgorod a Torpedo makes already three matches. This time on its platform was poverzheno Minsk the Dynamo .

we Will remind, first two games of championship KHL volzhane also spent on a visit and have twice won with a difference in three washers. At first was poverzhen situated near Moscow the Hero (3:0), and then and Moscow Spartak (4:1). The third match promised to turn out more persistent - today torpedovtsy played against Minsk the Dynamo which also has gained two victories on championship start. The winner of a match became the individual leader of a battalion of Tarasova and the western conference.

However, the match beginning has shown that a Torpedo has typed an excellent course and at all does not pay attention that for the contender resists to it. Volzhanam it was possible to hammer in three washers for three minutes, the beginning to defeat Varnakov which has realised a numerical advantage of the team has put. Then in equal structures of an abacus has doubled Rajan Veske. The third goal after a minute was hammered by Dmitry Makarov. After that the instructor of owners has been compelled to replace the goalkeeper and instead of floated Kevin Lalanda has let out Andrey Mezina. In   result game was levelled, as was reflected in the statistican: equality on vbrasyvanijam (12 - 12) and to blows (8 - 9 in advantage a Torpedo ) Following the results of the first period.

the Main character of the second period became, perhaps Andrey Mezin who confidently operated on last boundary and has not allowed torpedovtsam to develop success in spite of the fact that they had on one removal less.

In the third period the Dynamo has rushed to solving storm and has in many respects changed visitors. Active actions of owners have forced torpedovtsev to be mistaken and leave. In the middle of the period minchane one and a half minute played five together against a three, however to realise the advantage at least in a goal of prestige and could not.

the Following game a Torpedo will spend on September, 18th against Severstal then volzhane five matches in native walls will play at once.