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The authorities of the Orenburg region have paid a half-million for shooting of an existing film

already informed on loud resignation of the Minister of Economics of the Orenburg region Andrey Efremova. On Friday the Office of Public Prosecutor has opened some details of financial infringements and abusings of employees of the ministry at realisation of the target program About development of small and average business in the Orenburg region .

For example, under the state contract on creation thematic scientifically - a popular film the ministry has listed to a private concern of more half-million of roubles. Actually, this film has been created in 2009 by Institute of business of the Ural federal district and dispatched in regions of all for 350 roubles.

Under other state contract the ministry for regional business - an incubator has received the computer technics for the sum about two millions roubles.

- Check has established that computers with the characteristics declared in the contract firm - the manufacturer were never made. Budget money has been illegally spent for delivery of counterfeit computers of an unknown origin, - Olga Anikeev has told the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Orenburg region.

Created by the government of the Orenburg region the guarantee fund for subjects of small and average business at the initiative of Andrey Efremova at inflated price rented the premises belonging to the minister. Also at the expense of fund means the car belonging to brother Efremova contained. The fund management obtained interest-free loans and obviously disproportionate awards. For example, having worked only three months the chief executive of fund, Simonov as the award has received almost one million roubles.

Now concerning officials of the ministry of economic development of the Orenburg region some criminal cases to articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation connected with swindle are raised.