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The Arkhangelsk court recognised as lawful refusal to Lebedev in UDO

Today the Arkhangelsk regional court has left without changes the decision of the Velsky district court which has refused in July, 2011 to Platon Lebedev (to former head MFO Menatep ) In conditional - an early release (UDO). The Appeal submitted on this refusal, is left without satisfaction. Session passed without Lebedev`s participation.

Two months ago, refusing to Platon Lebedev in UDO, the Velsky court has decided that conditionally - the early release is inexpedient because condemned of a criminal conduct has not repented . The administration of the Velsky colony where Lebedev serves time, has in turn given on it the negative characteristic: it is less, than for a month it has received two collectings - for suit loss and for the impolite reference to the employee of establishment .

In the appeals submitted on refusal of Velsky court, Lebedev`s lawyers have declared: the court has ignored explanations of the Constitutional court and the Plenum of the Supreme court which has specified that absence of repentance and fault non-recognition are not the basis for refusal in an early release. However the higher instance has agreed with the decision of Velsky court. the judicial board of the Arkhangelsk regional court has not revealed the reasons for conditional - Lebedev`s early release - the judge has announced the decision.

According to article 175 Criminally - the executive code of the Russian Federation, Platon Lebedev can submit the new application on an early release not earlier, than in half a year.

In the meantime Lebedev Konstantin Rivkin`s lawyer declares that protection is ready to appeal against against refusal in UDO in the Supreme court.

the Inquiry

In the end of 2010 the Hamovnichesky court of Moscow has sentenced Platon Lebedev and Michael Khodorkovsky to 14 years of a colony of everyone on charge in money-laundering and plunder of 200 million tons of oil. Taking into account a sentence from 2005 on the first business, time spent in prison and the decision of Moscow City Court on mitigation of punishment on one year, Lebedev and Khodorkovsky can leave on freedom in 2016.