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In Leningrad region will judge sanitarku the children`s homes, connecting children

criminal case concerning Nina Sudorginoj, sanitarki the Leningrad regional state stationary budgetary establishment of social service " Is directed to court; Priozersk children`s home - a boarding school for mentally retarded children . It is accused of illegal deprivation of the person of freedom and default of duties on education of the minor (points d, a part 2, article 127 and article 156 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation).

Scandal has burst in April of this year - was found out that some pupils of this boarding school for the night adhered to beds. In the beginning in Investigatory committee on Leningrad region spoke about nineteen children to whom such measures were applied, but by the time of an end of the investigation the quantity of victims has considerably decreased.

- By preparation of pupils for a dream of Sudorgina has seen that four from them are in a condition of emotional excitation. Wishing to leave as soon as possible a workplace, it, using diapers and belts, has adhered children to beds, having caused that to them physical sufferings. Having convinced that minors cannot independently move, Sudorgina has left a children`s home premise, - make comments in Office of Public Prosecutor of Leningrad region.

criminal case Materials are directed to Priozersk city court for consideration in essence.