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The mayoralty of Chelyabinsk will pay for the tree which has fallen to a foreign car

the Central court of Chelyabinsk has considered the claim of motorist Igor Gergiev (the surname is changed - red.) To city administration. The man has complained that because of the authorities on its foreign car Geelty JL7152 U1 in the centre of Chelyabinsk the dried up tree has fallen.

Having parked the car near the house on Lenin`s prospectus, the automobile owner has gone on affairs and when has returned, has found out that the poplar standing nearby has failed directly on its roof.
the dead wood has damaged back glass of a foreign car, has left set of scratches and a dent on a cowl, a luggage carrier and a roof. The general damage has made 67 thousand 527 roubles. The man has asked to collect this money in a solidary order from administration of the Central area of Chelyabinsk and the mayoralty.

the Representative of regional administration of claim requirements did not recognise. Has declared that claims are shown at the wrong door as in a city the uniform structure - management of ecology and wildlife management of administration of Chelyabinsk is engaged in service of green plantings. Representatives of the mayoralty in court were not.

As the assistant to the chairman of the court Dmitry Bessons has informed, in view of absence of the respondent business is considered without its participation. The claim of the motorist is satisfied in full

- the Court has established that administrative powers of the proprietor of the ground area on which there was a tree falling, belong to municipal union the city of Chelyabinsk as well as all earth in municipality borders, - has explained Bessons. - and, means, compensation of the harm caused to property of the citizen should be assigned to city administration. In this case on its structural division - ecology and wildlife management management.

In favour of the motorist it is collected all sum of the declared damage, expenses on services of the lawyer, the notary. In total - 78 thousand 592 roubles.