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The former head coach Tom` has denied hearings about transition in Terek

Valery Nepomnyaschy has denied appeared there were hearings about the transition in groznensky Terek .

- While any offers to me did not arrive, - he has informed.

we Will remind, Valery Nepomnyaschy has left a post of the head coach Tom` . He has written the Resignation in the end of August, but has noticed that is ready to take away it if the command starts to show result, and also the question will be solved with financing. Alas, has not occurred neither that, nor another. Weak-willed defeat " became last drop which has forced out it from club; Tom` - Siberians have conceded in last round to Krasnodar with the account 0:4, playing the stadium.

Valery Kuzmich has explained The decision in interview to TV program Our big football :

I will not begin to dissemble, the main thing that has forced me to make such decision is an unsatisfactory result of a play of the team. I want, that any conjectures supposedly it has not been connected with a financial question and so on. That the command has played, changes are necessary, and I hope that change of a trainer`s staff will do in such situation good.

As to my stay in Tomsk for all time of my trainer`s work at me never was so comfortable conditions. Yes, of course, problems, as well as in any another matter, were, but relations with a management, with fans, with tomichami - always were very comfortable for me. I hope, the same practice will remain and for this purpose who will come on my place. By the way, on September, 15th it was executed exactly three years as I have arrived to Tomsk...

Concerning my leaving - something the command was ill, and I could not diagnose. Therefore should release this place .