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On sredneuralskom meat factory have found out flies, and a rotten stuff deposit

Wide publicity the condition mjasopererabatyvajushchego factory in the city of Kamensk - Uralsk Sverdlovsk area has received worms thanks to the local newspaper where there has passed the publication about splash in diseases by an acute enteric infection at the townsmen using in food production of Open Society Mikom . The local Office of Public Prosecutor together with Rospotrebnadzorom has checked up factory.

Supervising bodies have found out: at factory people without sanknizhek worked, earlier made sausage pereupakovyvalas in other packing on which, to increase sale term, new dates were fixed; for manufacturing of sausage production spices and food mixes with the expired working life were used.

Besides, in premises of storage and raw materials preparation a considerable quantity of flies is revealed, and between enterprise shops the huge congestion of bones and interiors in a decomposition condition is fixed. Input in lethal shop of Open Society Mikom it was impossible from - for the big congestions of hearts - it is told in the message of Sverdlovsk regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

At the moment upon legislation infringement about sanitary - epidemiological well-being of the population the Office of Public Prosecutor has brought administrative action, and also has directed materials to court for the decision of a question on a suspension of work of factory.