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Results of session FRS the USA can obvalit the markets this week

After rather rapid growth on Thursday, on September, 15th, the Russian share platforms were closed on Friday by fall. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has lost 0,9 % and has fallen to level of 1511 points. Thus, though within the last week the market has grown a little, on its results the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has appeared below closing level on September, 9th.

Descending dynamics on domestic platforms was promoted also by reduction of prices on oil. Mark Brent has fallen in price on 0,8 % - to $111,3 for barrel. Nevertheless the American indexes DJIA and S & P500 to end of the auctions on September, 16th have appeared in small plus, having risen on 0,66 % t 0,57 % accordingly. Gold which the last some days behave extremely non-standard and shows dynamics almost completely coinciding with indexes, also has grown up on 0,5 %, slightly having won back a part of the losses suffered for week.

At the moment of a review writing it is possible to note strong enough decrease in the future for index S & P500 which already loses 1,6 %. It means that new week the financial world markets can open from essential falling.

in Japan on September, 19th the day off, therefore trade on the Asian platforms before opening of the Russian stock exchanges will be languid enough. The news background of this Monday in general is extremely poor. Interest deserves unless the publication of a September index of the market of habitation of National association domostroitelej the USA, reflecting optimism in real estate sector. However, for special surprises here to wait, probably, it is not necessary.

forthcoming week the most important event will be Committee session on otrytym to markets FRS of the USA which will pass 20 - on September, 21st and will come to the end with the decision publication under the interest rate. It is expected that the rate remains invariable as in the beginning of August after landslide falling in markets FRS has sounded the decision according to which rates it is planned to keep invariable till summer of 2013. However it is clear that in current quickly changing market conditions to do so long-term forecasts nevertheless it is incorrect. All wait from committee of statements for concrete realistic steps on stimulation of the largest economy of the world. Besides it on Wednesday the report of session of Committee on the monetary policy of Bank of England will be published also. Week also will come to the end with performance of head ETSB.

In the Russian market it is possible to note actions of Inter of the Russian Open Society, 11,7 % which have added on September, 16th more. The agreement with General Electric and ODK about joint venture creation became the reason such dynamics. Opposite dynamics allocated actions of Norilsk nickel which by results of the auctions have decreased more than on 6,3 %. The reason of it, probably, it is possible to consider Vladimir Strzhalkovsky`s statement. He has informed that, in - the first, GMK will not pay dividends for the first half of the year 2011, and, in - the second, the repayment of actions from the market will be carried out at the expense of convertible eurobonds though earlier about it it has not been told words. It was supposed that free money resources available for the company will be spent for these purposes, however it has appeared that at a management other plans.

as a whole before opening of the Russian stock exchanges it is possible to consider a situation enough negative. I expect decrease in our market after opening on size from 0,5 % to 1,0 %. The market indicator shows neutral mood of participants, equalling to 6 points from 10.