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Alexander Grishchuk and Peter Svidler First two parties of purely Russian ending passing in Hunts have drawn on a World Cup on chess

- Mansijske of draw of a World Cup have brought overweight to Peter Svidler who has grasped leadership in opposition with Alexander Grishchukom - 1,5:0,5.

Unlike the previous rounds in the ending contenders play not two, but four parties with classical control of time. Svidler has begun a match black figures and at once has achieved a victory, in the second party the world has been signed, and the third has come to the end after number signing in the press.

In victorious for Svidler parties opponents have played system Paulsena in sitsilianskoj to protection. White first dominated, and even Svidler estimated the position as rather dangerous. The sixfold champion of Russia has gone on a victim of a pawn, then has ensnared a castle of Grishchuka. Alexander has got to a time trouble, its position has turned in hopeless, and he on 30 - m to a course recognised defeat.

Grishchuk and Svidler - the old close friends, therefore won from the success did not test euphoria. game against a close companion is hard given, - Svidler admitted. - in general here, on a World Cup in Hunts - Mansijske black figures I receive doubtful positions, and further as in this party with Grishchukom, there is that it is impossible to explain . Alexander Grishchuk has explained the failure by an error: Usually, when a castle you yawn, you lose. Though after that my yawn of a castle I have received not such a bad position, but all - taki have surrendered. Result natural .

In the second game day of the ending contenders already on 16 - m to a course have agreed on a drawn game. Here the majority of my white parties comes to the end with a drawn game. I have decided not to evade from the working recipe of success, - Svidler admitted. - If to speak seriously at all it would be desirable it when I have made the sixth course, but the emasculated position " has quickly enough turned out;.

Grishchuk has compared the friend to the known football player: Peter has once again proved that it the man of his word. It as Alexander Kerzhakov who spoke: Beat, I beat and I will beat! and Petja: Moulded drawn games white, I mould and I will mould! I here have counted: on the sixth course at white ten basic continuations, and among them the made course - the most reliable and the most boring .

In a match for the third place and simultaneously for the permit on the World championship - 2012 between the Ukrainian grand masters after two parties Vasily Ivanchuk was in the lead at Ruslana Ponomareva - 1,5:0,5. By the way, Ivanchuk too has won a victory black figures.