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Anton Blagoveshchensky: Wi - Fi at the airports of Moscow and Belgrad hardly works

the Compelled testing of points of wireless access at the airports of world capitals exposes the Ukrainian system administrators to the best advantage

last week as the fates decree to me it was necessary to spend about days in planes and the airports, flying from Kiev to Moscow, from Moscow to Belgrad, and then on a return route.

not to die in a way from boredom, I zakachal in the smart phone to steam of tens episodes of a popular Russian medical serial with not taken place candidate for presidents and the former sacred father John Okhlobystin in a leading role. Any of them has not wished to be lost that has a little greased impression of a trip.

However the wireless Internet - access which actively moves ahead as new and fashionable aeroport service became the greatest disappointment. In sterile (And in unsterile too) a zone of the Moscow airport the Sheremetyevo it is possible to find out three or even four wireless networks, but to sense from this almost any.

In - the first, among several free networks zatesalas one paid. In - the second, the signal of any of them can be lost during the most unexpected moment. For example, near a huge advertising extension of MTS, calling to use Wi - Fi, this most vaj - faj hardly works. In - the third, each time, being connected to a network, it is necessary to open the browser and to press on a special site the connection button - only then will earn all online - services.

As a result work with wireless networks looks so. We get the smart phone, we are connected to one of networks - free, certainly. Signal level is described as weak however connection occurs. The site of the company giving access opens also - there we press the connection button.

After that to enjoy all advantages wireless the Internet - access it is possible where - that minutes three or four - phone (or the laptop) will necessarily lose a signal and will find a network with stronger signal. Thus authorisation, certainly, will fly, all active connections and other will be disconnected. Having connected to a new network some minutes about what not to worry are possible again - until phone (or all the same laptop) will not consider that the most convenient is the paid wireless network. And all leapfrog repeats again. Therefore, having once connected to one network, it is better to forbid to contact to the device other networks. Thus it is necessary to be ready to that the covering will be the extremely non-uniform.

the Little affairs in the Belgrad airport of a name of known scientist Nikola Tesla is better are. There access to the Internet costs money, but to pay for it there is no possibility - access without payment is possible only to a site of the operator, payments are processed by the company from Latvia, and its site, naturally, does not open so to enter though where - that the data of a bank card there is no possibility.

the Most decent Wi - Fi - access has appeared in Kiev. A signal, of course, not all that well, and speed could be above. But it is not necessary to clamp the special button on a site, and a covering quite worthy - a signal officially accessible only in sterile to an airport zone, it is possible to catch even on registration racks, a floor more low.

in general, now it would be desirable to look in eyes to network managers from Moscow and Belgrad, having said in their address some bitter expressions, and to organizers of a wireless network at the Kiev airport - to give out the award and to raise in a rank.