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destruction of the Russian child in a foster home the court of the USA named “ casual “

past Saturday in the USA the court over the spouses of Krejverami accused of  destruction of the child, adopted by them in Russia in 2003

the Seven-year Vanja Skorobogatov who has become in America by Natanielom has taken place, has died in August, 2009 in hospital. Doctors, except a mortal blow on a head, have found on a body of the boy more than 80 “ old “ wounds. Besides, it has been extremely exhausted. Investigation has begun, in February, 2010 Krejverov have arrested without the right to clearing on the security.

On Saturday a jury the verdict Krejverov in death of the adopted son has confirmed charge. However qualified their actions not as a premeditated murder, for what under laws of the State of Pennsylvania it were threatened with punishment up to the death penalty, and as death causing on imprudence which under local laws is punished by the conclusion for from 9 till 16 months.

Jurymen also recognised that Krejvery are guilty on four points of charge in violence over the child and of arrangement to the purpose of commission of crime. Thus the court has decided that till November, 10th when the definitive sentence will be pronounced to spouses, they can be released on freedom on the security in 100 thousand dollars.

In Rossi watched closely Vani Skorobogatov`s business. And such decision of jurymen has caused immediate reaction. As has declared vitse - the consul of Russia in New York Alexander Otchajnov, the verdict which has been taken out by Krejveram, does not correspond to weight of the crime committed by them.

Direct speech

Pavel Astakhov authorised at the president of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child:

- I consider, this verdict of jurymen defeat of the American Themis in struggle business for the rights of Russian adopted children. This criminal case began with loud statements, from charges Krejverov in a premeditated murder and requirements for them the death penalty, and all has ended with clearing on the security. I think, in this case the American charge has suffered full breakdown, and very much I regret that the rights of our children in the American families - adoptive fathers on - former are very poorly protected.

Unfortunately, the contract on the international adoption which we have concluded from the USA this year, on not clear to me to the reasons, is not directed till now to the State Duma for its ratification and, accordingly, has not come into force. The American side it has made right after signings. If this document has already been ratified by Russia, we would have the high-grade legal rights to interfere with a situation. At us all legal grounds would be to participate in this process, to petition for attraction Krejverov to responsibility, about a training for a new profession of the crime committed by them. Today we act only in a role of contemplators occurring to business about Vani Skorobogatov`s murder. And after all with the boy remained also the little sister - twin Dasha, which Krejvery also have adopted. Without the come into force contract we practically cannot participate in the decision of the further destiny of the girl. Though, of course, we will take all possible measures that these people never have not come nearer any more to reception children from the Russian Federation and that Dasha Skorobogatov has not returned to this family.