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On NTV will show a serial about work of Investigatory committee

very unusual premiere has taken place in Investigatory committee of Russia. So presented 12 - a serial television feature film under the name Investigatory committee .

While at it could look that is called, the selected spectators. But soon this serial will be seen by all interested persons. In the near future the film should go on the air on NTV television channel.

Usually in long-playing serials about inspectors and operov in a caption necessarily write that any coincidence to real events and heroes casually. And the film is only a plot, otdalenno similar to events which have occurred actually. A serial Investigatory committee in this sense an exception.

It is completely based on the present events and in all details shines a course of investigation of the loudest criminal cases. One plot is a murder of the first vice-president of the Central Bank of Russia Andrey Kozlova. Another - about the big official, the assistant to the governor of the Oryol region Vitalii Kochueve whom have planted for serious malfeasances. One more film will tell about investigation of criminal case of former chief OVD Tsarina`s Denis Evsjukova and that it has arranged in a capital supermarket. Separate business - crimes of heads of Federal fund of obligatory medical insurance which the court has condemned for reception of bribes.

the Official representative of Investigatory committee Vladimir Markin has declared to the correspondent that the serial is unique. Its singularity that on the screen is not present usual streljalok where the inspector is dashing is at war with criminals their methods. The main thing in films, by sight Markin, the moral party of that occurs on the screen. It first of all decency of the inspectors, running business, and their empathy to victims of the present criminals.

operating employees SKR became Prototypes of three protagonists of a serial. Except fascinating detective plots the spectator will see also that usually remains in a shade the business - those details which all guess but about which do not speak. Elena Morozova, Anatoly Guschin, Dmitry ShCherbina and other actors known to the Russian spectators have taken part in shootings.