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Stross - Caen: the Event in hotel - an unseemly moral error

Dominik Stross - Caen named an unseemly moral error incident from the parlourmaid in nju - jorkskoj to hotel Sofitel transfers the statement eks - heads of International currency fund ITAR - TASS.

I always insisted on the innocence, and now, after removal of all charges, I am glad that I can express. That has occurred, was not neither violence, nor compulsions, neither attacks, nor any criminal activity are words of the public prosecutor, instead of mine - he has told in the first from the moment of interview arrest.

In the official report it is not told about any scratches, neither grazes, nor violence traces - he has noted. However he considers that all event - it not only unseemly communication, but also, moreover, a moral error .

It is an error in relation to my wife, children, friends, but also in relation to Frenchmen who pined on me hopes of changes - recognised Stross - Caen.

the Trap? Probably. Plot? We will see - he has told. I would like to know, why that who accused me, it was helped, and nobody co-operated with us - has commented on Stross - Caen that fact that lawyers of charge got access about movings to hotel at the moment of a crime while lawyers of protection - are not present.

the Former head of IMF has confirmed that refuses participation in presidential election in France. yes, I wanted to be the candidate. I considered that my post in IMF gave me a sharp look on true position of France, and that I could be useful, - recognised he, - Now all it behind, it is obvious that I will not be the candidate though on - former I consider that the victory of socialists " is necessary to France;.

He also has underlined that does not intend by no means to interfere in process of primary elections in Socialist party.

Now I, first of all, am going to have a rest, meet relatives, to take time for reflexions - the politician has told. - but I have devoted all life to to try to be useful to a society so we will look .